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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

##FF Start following Matt Chernoff ‏ @RealMattlanta help him back to 13k followers again

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  1. 2 minsTiny Klout Flag22Rick Young @RICK_RILLA
     Can you make a comeback to 13k? Lol
  2. 2 minsTiny Klout Flag45Brian Gantt ‏@briangantt1
      im out of this too
  3. 2 minsTiny Klout Flag41Brian O'Hern ‏@BrianOHern
     I am not joining in on this game of unfollow Matt, just saying. Cool tweet BTW
  4. 4 minsTiny Klout Flag51Alex Welch ‏@alex__welch
     I'm still confused, why are people unfollowing you?
  5. 4 minsTiny Klout Flag57Matt Chernoff ‏@RealMattlanta
    Now go get your shine box.
  6. 8 minsTiny Klout Flag22Rick Young @RICK_RILLA
      Just made it 12.8
  7. 13 minsTiny Klout Flag41Joe Sanders ‏@thejoesanders
     what do you think about Dustin Keller as a replacement if Tony G doesn't return?
  8. 17 minsTiny Klout Flag27Joe Wyatt ‏@wreckbuzz
      interviewing for AA baseball radio announcer again?
  9. 17 minsTiny Klout Flag11Charles Runge ‏@TheCharlesRunge
     Dear Mr. Chernoff, I've been listening and you have sounded so much more intelligent these last few days.?0
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