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Monday, April 16, 2018

Q Clearance Patriot starts dropping intel crumbs on 4chan

Thread by @paul_furber: "1/ The timeline of so far. Late October 2017, an anon calling himself Q Clearance Patriot starts dropping intel crumbs on 4chan in th […]" #qanon

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1/ The timeline of #qanon so far. 

Late October 2017, an anon calling himself Q Clearance Patriot starts dropping intel crumbs on 4chan in the form of questions that mostly answer themselves. 

2/ Why 4chan? 

- One of the last few bastions of free speech. All other media controlled
- Anons are the most powerful archiving and investigative force on the planet. 
#qanon is going to take them on a journey so they can then redpill others. 
- Under the radar at first
3/ Real leaks on 4chan have happened before: FBIAnon, MegaAnon, WHAnon, PDAnon et al. FBIAnon explains the reason: 

Do you honestly think the best, brightest, and most well-connected minds are not equally as attracted to a board with total anonymity as the rest of you?
4/ #qanon claims to be close to the @realDonaldTrump and that cataclysmic changes are about to happen. He predicts his Twitter account will be disrupted. It is. He also predicts upheaval and the deployment of the National Guard. That happens too - in Saudi Arabia.
5/ #qanon specifically says that this is because the President needs our help. The anons are to be the spearhead of the great awakening - they will enlighten those around them, archive everything and analyze the intelligence drops. Anons dive in immediately.
6/ #qanon goes with @realDonaldTrump on his Far East trip. He posts original pictures that must have been take from AF1. He keeps on explaining how the world really works and why the Saudi regime change is such a big deal.

It's staggering.
7/ Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, best buddy of @BillGates, stockholder in Twitter, Citigroup and the Four Seasons Hotel, and early financier of @BarackObama, is under arrest. Trillions in funds for trafficking and blackmail just got removed from the global system.
8/ #qanon posts another pic from AF1. Anons figure out it's over Hong Kong and matches the President's itinerary exactly. He gets himself a tripcode, a unique identifier on 4chan, by putting a password in the name field when posting. Nov 9 onward, Q's trip is !ITPb.qbhqo.
9/ #qanon names the puppet masters: Saud, Rothschild and Soros. He openly accuses them of worshipping Satan and sacrificing children on Epstein Island and says bloodlines are important.
11/ Nov 13 he mocks Lynn de Rothschild openly: 

Distress cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage. We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you breathing. 
12/ Nov 15th he posts this.
13/ Nov 20th we find out what it means: Thanh Trung (TT) and Mike Green (green1) to kidnap Lord Jacob Rothschild at LJR's estate in Aylesbury (BUnkeR AppLE Yellow SkY) in the UK. But the heli was intercepted and the mission failed. 

14/ Any doubts that #qanon is real vanish. Q accuses Hugh Hefner of always working for the Clowns In Action and confirms how the blackmail process works. He also says everything has to be carefully crafted and tooled prior to release because sniffers would kill the site.
15/ #qanon posts a lot about NK. Strong implication is that it's a giant facade for the elites. He posts an incredible photo taken in NK. Anon thinks it might be Prince Harry and links it back to @realDonaldTrump's Asia trip where he actually flew back over the same hotel in NK.
16/ #qanon implies major tech companies have Clown origins - Intel, FB etc. He also says @BarackObama scuttled the space program and gave the tech to @elonmusk so he could pass it on to North Korea so they could have ICBMs. 

Jaw-dropping stuff to say the least.
17/ #qanon posts a lot of stringer codes with the phrase RED_RED_ and RED1_RED2. By Nov 25, the 4chan threads on /pol/ are being flooded and slid to the point of unusability. Nov 29, Q moves to the /cbts/ board on 8chan using the same tripcode, !ITPb.qbhqo.
18/ #qanon notes video by Obama and Bono on @jimmykimmel's show and says it's in response to the RED stringers. Video is full of codewords and references to POTUS and Podesta. Says Red Cross is a piggy bank and that AIDS and other plagues are man-made for pharma profits.
19/ Dec 7, #qanon posts pics of the usual suspects: The Queen, Soros, HRC, BHO, bin Talal, Merkel, Huma, Podesta, Lynn de Rothschild and McStain. He also suddenly calls out Lynn de Rothschild for browsing the thread and tells her not to do it again.
20/ @LdeRothschild, clearly drunk, ignore's #qanon's advice and starts chirping the anons but she is no match for them. Q links a video of @NancyPelosi mentioning nuclear weapons in an incredibly suspicious way during a press conference. 

"These people are sick!" he says.
21/ Dec 9, #qanon posts the most spectacular proof of his authenticity yet. News just broke the Pope wanted to change the Lord's Prayer. Q knew this was going to happen a month before - he had added the Catholic version of the prayer to one of his posts. Stunning and undeniable.
22/ Dec 10 is another amazing prediction by #qanon: a Bangladeshi will attempt a bombing but his bomb will have been substituted for a firework. Exact information conveyed to anons beforehand cryptically but obvious in hindsight. 
Future proves past.
23/ On the 12th Dec, #qanon posts an order to the 'Owls' who are clearly special forces of some sort. A few minutes later, one of the Owls confirms he got the message.
24/ #qanon posts, saying 'we have a really special place picked out for George Soros.' He also mentions Dark [10]. Both these predictions come true: @realDonaldTrump uses the phrase 'a special place' and Atlanta airport is shut down for 10 hours.
25/ Dec 14 is chaos. Someone is close to cracking the #qanon tripcode password. Q highlights a picture of @andersoncooper sitting in a hotel. Anons are digging on Clown control of the MSM and there's multiple attacks of /cbts/. Q gets locked out by the mods.
26/ Dec 15 #qanon changes his tripcode to !UW.yye1fxo and /cbts/ is re-opened to him. He predicts a fire at Bill and Hillary's place, says the cabal are trying to make deals as fast as they can (NO is the answer) and that thousands of trafficked kids have been saved already.
27/ Dec 21, #qanon struggles with entering his tripcode pw but gets there eventually. He says Epstein Island is 'The Exchange' and that @realDonaldTrump's EO from that day is an enormous blow against child trafficking. @ericschmidt resigns from Alphabet four hours later.

Soros takes orders from P.
You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.

Who is P? Theories range from Philip to the Pope to Peter Munk.
29/ Dec 22, #qanon posts about NK again. Pic related. The i is missing from the word missile. Anon will later figure it out: the i stands for Iridium. @elonmusk launches 10 Iridium satellites on this day. Disturbing picture being painted by Q.
30/ #qanon is claiming so far that @BarackObama gave NK uranium, Brennan gave them mini nukes and @elonmusk gave them ICBM capability and a satcom network. This is so NK can hold the world hostage.
31/ Also on Dec 22, #qanon drops his infamous ONE OF TWENTY TWO post. 

There are 22 actuating clauses in the previous day's EO. The bad actors named trigger various numbers of them. And Seth Rich was 187ed by 2 MS13 members who were themselves whacked.
32/ Dec 23, @realDonaldTrump pastes a comment from an anon about McCabe into his Twitter feed. #qanon confirms: POTUS is watching the board in real time.
33: The next post is this one: 

Who is meeting in secret right now?

Is this #qanon spying on one of the the usual Luciferian ceremonies taking place among the elites at this time? Of course it is.
34/ Christmas Eve, #qanon posts the famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware again, bookending one of his earliest drops with the same picture. Dec 25 he thanks the anons and wishes them all a Merry Christmas.
35/ His last post on Dec 25 seems to be addressed to @JulianAssange. He then goes dark for 10 days until Jan 4 where he confirms his old tripcode password (for the code !ITPb.qbhqo) was 'Matlock' and referred to a previous ambassador to Russia who was famous for open dialogue.
36/ Jan 5 is when the imposters take over #qanon's tripcode password. The style changes radically: it becomes CAPS-ridden, immature and full of outright falsehoods. Q accuses the board owner of /cbts of lying.
37/ But the new #qanon was himself lying. The IP he used was one the mods had never seen before. The board owner would clarify all of this in detail later as well as posting the logs as proof.
38/ The new #qanon became obsessed with the idea of private communicatons between the mods and the real Q, denying it had ever happened and that the claims were the reason for the board change. This makes no sense of course.
39/ #qanon had already posted an encouraging message to the anons for all their hard work so far back in Dec, and he HAD communicated privately with the mods - by posting anonymously (but from his IP address so that only they could tell).
40/ The fake #qanon moved his posts over to /thestorm/ board but only for a couple of days. He then insulted the board owners and set up his own board at /greatawakening/. Many of us could already see that this wasn't the real Q but some script kiddies with the tripcode pw.
41/ That suspicion was confirmed pretty quickly. Instead of sober and thought-provoking intel drops, we got ALL CAPS nonsense like this from the fake #qanon@realDonaldTrump didn't retweet any memes by the way - the first of many incorrect predictions.
42/ Jan 18th, fake #qanon posted a poorly shopped picture of Jacob Rothschild shaking hands with George Soros. BarackObama's ear is visible. Otherwise intelligent people spent far too much time analyzing this for anything other than what it is - a stupid picture.
43/ Fake #qanon also posted this picture which is purportedly from the leaked Podesta emails but is a fake. When called out on it, he made a lame excuse.
44/ Later there would be the entirely made up arrests in the Chinese hotel.
45/ And there have been many incorrect predictions: The memo. The other memo. Loop Capital. Bye bye @jack. Beware the Ides of March. March Madness. Black Forest - which wasn't a prediction and also in a completely different part of Europe.
46/ Some of the statements by fake #qanon are exceedingly dangerous and misleading. The 7th floor is not 'no more' when deep state players run around threatening the President, Hillary and Huma go on world tours and false flags like Parkland still happen.
47/ And then there's this from last week: fake #qanon claims the 8chan admin was locked out of /greatawakening/. This is impossible, like saying the root user cannot see a particular folder on a Unix box. The admin himself replies and says Q is lying about being locked out.
48/ Fake #qanon says 'Sniffer detects traces of bypass override'. This is not netsec or web application terminology. 8chan is a PHP application with a db backend and logins protected by HTTPS. There are no bypasses or overrides like in the movies. 

49/ Fake #qanon has now wiped /greatawakening/ three times. What for? The point of moving there, as he himself said, was to keep his posts in one place. So why get rid of them? The latest wipe also proves he was lying about being locked out - only the board owner can do that.
50/ Good pushback: when Q says "/CM/ locked out of /GA/" he might mean, "Codemonkey, I am locked out of /greatawakening/."

But this is a lie as Codemonkey himself points out: Q logged in to /GA/ just fine. Either way, Q is lying.
51/ No, Black Forest was NOT a prediction nor was it correct. The Roths selling that estate had already been in the news and it is nowhere near the Black Forest.
52/ So what happened to the real #qanon? Obviously he can't post on 8chan with any authenticity. And any statement from the President on the current Q might compromise all of Q, including the real drops from last year.
53/ I have good reason to believe that the real #qanon has leaked to @TheRealHublife on more than one occasion recently. Follow him! 

Pics related.
54/ Correction from @TheRealHublife: his contact is from Orion and is not the real #qanon. Follow him anyway :)
55/ How to wait for confirmation of anything I've said? My guess is Iran regime will fall by Sept. and the administration will be going after the cabal before the midterms. So patience is required. Use your discernment about everything and check things out for yourself.
56/ Excellent point from @fasteddyTO - current #qanon HAS made some correct predictions. Yes he has. FB's divestiture. DEFCON-1. John Perry Barlow. AMZN. So he's clearly getting nuggets of real intel from somewhere. No doubt some real sources are feeding him stuff occasionally.
57/ But the problem with the current #qanon is not the odd thing he gets right, it's all the things he gets WRONG. Marina Abramovic's name. The Russian air crash. CLAS doesn't mean 'classified' in a stringer, it means CLAUSES. Spelling mistakes. Grammar errors. Shanghai.
58/ The quality of his info reflects in the quality of the research on /qresearch/. It's a wasteland: no mods, anti-trump memes, anons openly pretending to be him and mocking his boom boom boom posts, and no digging of any value. It doesn't compare well with last year.