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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Admin official tells me AG Barr is moving toward revealing principal conclusions of the Mueller probe at some point on Saturday or Sunday, and his announcement could come “as early as tonite.” AG working thru process but “wants to get this out tonite,” official said flatly

Just wait until the Lefties now consoling themselves by endlessly typing "SDNY" on their keyboards realize who the US Attorneys there would have to run their 'evidence' by to get an indictment. This guy.
Congratulations Pakistan -1000 women killed per yr in “honour killings” -thousands killed by Islamic terrorism -100s killed for being Christian/gay/transgender -killing/torturing those who speak against GVT -17 on death row for blasphemy against Islam -women=acid attacks/rapes
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John Tory
I want to extend my congratulations and best wishes to Toronto’s Pakistani community as they celebrate the 79th anniversary of the Republic Day of Pakistan.