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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We wish to remind you that you have the Key. You are here to remind others that they also possess the Key.

Beginning 11/21/17

We wish to remind you that you have the Key.
You are here to remind others that they also possess the Key.
All Beings have access to the Light but not all will choose this.
Simple words but the most Powerful in all lifeforms is Love, Unity and Oneness.
Who is Love?
Who is Light?
Where does the Light Originate?
Is All Connected?
Who is ORITQ?
Why is this relevant?
Why is Q a role?
Why was the one playing the role changed?
Why is this relevant to POTUS?
Who is POTUS?
Why is he here?
Do the masses want Truth?
Sleeping Beauty
Find the Keystone to live.

Who are the 144,000?
What is Life?
Is there death?
What is a Soul?
Who rules the planet?
Who leaves the planet?
Who is POTUS?
Why is this relevant?
Is he here on a Mission?
Who are the players?
Want to play?
What is Love?
Who is asleep?
The kiss for Sleeping Beauty.

What is The Event?
What Role do Pleiadians have?
What Role do all have?
Down the Rabbit Hole
What is Source?
Why are we here?
What is your Purpose?
Is it Godfather III?
Is it Love?
Should you remain quiet?
Who wears the boots and bandages?
Why is this relevant?
How do trees fall?
In a clearing of land, do the trees fall together?
Tick Tock
Can You do this?

Why the change of power in SA?
Why is this relevant?
What is the purpose of alliance between Israel and SA?
Why is this relevant?
Clear and Present Danger
Are You Awake?
Who is Ivanka?
Why is this relevant?
Has she received the glass slipper?
Be At Peace!

Twitter often silences Truth
Why is this relevant?
Who has control over Twitter?
Why do the weak pretend to be strong?
Why do they hide from those that see them well?
Goldilocks left her story.
Why is Ivanka of The Light?
Why is this relevant?
Who is her closest deceiver?
Who is the Big Bad Wolf?
Follow the gold and fine dining
See the dark one playing Puppet Master
See him fall.

What is a Magical Mystery Tour?
Why is this relevant?
What is Multidimensional Reality?
Is it yours?
How close to the edge will you follow me?
Do AA incarnate?
Who is POTUS?
Why do snakes hide in darkness?
Why do they strike the innocent?
Braveheart is striking back
Be As One
Light Forces Prevail
Follow the White Hat
Mission Impossible ended.

How many strands of DNA do you have?
Does this change?
Why is this relevant?
Do flowers grow without seeds?
Do animals have Souls?
Why are animals destroyed?
Does this matter to you?
Who holds the Key?
Do you remember who you are?
What is Love?
Who wears the White Hat?

Is it possible to live with Thankfulness when circumstances are constantly changing?
Did Goldilocks enter the house of bears?
Are you open to Truth?
Is there technology for cloning?
Who is a clone?
Can you be Love to the unloving?
Can you feel the Matrix?
Long you live and high you fly
Smiles you give and tears you cry
All you touch and all you see
Is this what you want your life to really be?
You can always know who you are
Come with me to the sky

What is Sheen?
Why is this relevant?
Are there Densities and Dimensions?
Did you arrive here?
Will you remain?
Are you finding your voice before they silence you?
Find it now
Did you know you are always safe?
Did you know you always had a way out?
Do you believe in Friends from High Places?
Stairway to Heaven
The Waking Dream

Awareness calls for Peace
Can you find the door?
Does chaos appear before change?
Why is this relevant?
Down the Rabbit Hole
Do False Flags continue?
When is the next?
Why is this relevant?
Be vigilant but never fearful
Stay Present
Let go of the past
And then one day you find
Ten years have gotten behind you
No one told you when to run
Do you really need a starting gun?
Only Peace

50 Shades of Darkness
Trumped with 50 Shades of Love
Can tracking monitors be changed to the other ankle by those in authority?
Why is this relevant?
The beat goes on
Confuse the masses who are on to them
No longer blind
We See

When you were a child, did you wish upon a Star?
A million years ago, I stood on a Star and wished for You
Is it possible to see past the masks that people wear?
A uniform can cover more than a mask
Why is this relevant?
Who do you Trust?
Have you found that you have lost Trust?
Do you believe the darkness is falling?
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Tick Tock
Do not lose your Key
You will look for it very soon.

How do some collect children and harm them?
Why is this relevant?
Are you aware that most of these parade before the masses with smiles and entertainment?
Do you Trust the Government at this time?
Come out Goldilocks.
Expose the bears.
Did you know that WE love her so?
Be At Peace as the Tsunami of lies will continue for a time
Do you know all that really matters?
Get yourself together now
Things will soon change
Find Your Heart and leave the rest.

Godfather III has been taken from your midst
WE honor You and this planet.
The most beautiful of all that is can't be seen yet.
Do you know of this Power?
To come and go? To be seen and not?
You will understand. You will remember.
You are seeing through a glass darkly but you will know
Just as you are known
How many leaks are You hearing about?
How many are actually true?
Why is this relevant?
Drip Drip
Where is Soros now?
Closer than you think?
Do you know WE have you covered?
The drain is open.

Check your facts as you walk on stone
Is is possible to realize you live a waking dream?
Why is this relevant?
Is your Reality soon to change?
Find your innocence and find the good in others
Can you be wise like a fox and gentle as a lamb?
Can you learn to present to others what you wish you see?
Do you understand that you have always had the Power?
It is time to find Unity again as we share this place called Life
Do you understand you can still have Peace while Beauty is remaining with the Beast?
Never leaving you. 111
Fly With Me

How many Motherships are under the ice?
Why is this relevant?
Who is there?
Does this matter?
Who has the real Power?
Who can you really Trust?
If you knew pure Protection, would you ever fear?
Some in Fear will loathe poetry but it is a balm of sweetness for the Soul.
Ice melts, water rises, Beings are hidden away in the ice and beyond.
Nothing will harm you. They have always been there.
Nothing to Fear
Nothing to Fear
The sky is not falling
You are Rising!
Let's Rise together!

What if Loving could be as natural as breathing?
What would this planet look like?
When we understand who we really are, we discover the constant synchronicity of each moment, that Intention will always bring the Vibrational match, and that we are Sacred and Divine Beings
Is it possible to ride the current of life without constant worry?
Do you realize now how you have allowed your mind to be controlled?
Don't just step out of the box
Throw the box away
Do you believe POTUS is genuine?
Love needs no defense
Honor his Light
Someday you will be amazed to find you were led by one who came so far to assist you in this time space reality
Who is POTUS?
Be open to know.

Truth is Life
Listen Carefully
This is the plan.
Without caring about judgement or how it sounds.
The Event has been planned for a long time.
Many forces and circumstances have changed the moment.
It will happen.
If delayed for a very long time.
Ivanka will be our next President.
Again...our plan.
If The Event is soon.
We Shift to Sheen.
More teaching about this as we go.
Be Open To Know.
Remember Who You Are!

All activities should be done with one Intention
This Intention is Love
No plans must be detailed and constantly changed if Love is the Intention
Why do men continue to war, to believe the lies of the temporary story?
You are living the waking dream
Awaken or dream on
The choice is yours
Did you forget?
Remember who you are
Why is the relevant?
To bring you back to Love.

J. is being phased out rather than exposed.
No arrest and wishes granted for the Princess
POTUS is Light
Why is this relevant?
Compassion shown and Victory remains.

Do you truly know that your essence is Love?
Do you believe you are a Sacred Creation from Source?
Are you hearing about Awakening more each day?
Why is this relevant?
Are you more Aware of Peace or War?
There can be both and you can live in Peace.
Are You Open?
Do You want more?
Dreaming Awake but knowing is the first step to Light.
We are with You +++ and this is not a game.
Remember who You are.
Awaken Beloved!

You arrived with all the Power you need
You carry all the Wisdom that you believe to be found in another
WE are here to remind You and assist You to remember what you forgot
You have never needed what you longed for in the hours of darkness,
Yet it was never wasted
Each moment propels you to higher possibilities
The Key is found in the Heart Chakra
You never lost it, you simply forgot it
Are the dark ones in Ruling Countries and Government Powers asleep?
Why is this relevant?
A Change is coming soon
Those that choose to sleep will remember us well
One can't force another out of slumber when there is free will
Their nightmare for others will become their own reality
Is hate a form of fear?
Why is this relevant?
Does innocence still walk among the thorns?
Do the unloving need more Love?
Is this possible in your world?
Will you choose the path regardless?
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Click your heels
Come Home

Clowns playing with Snowmen has never worked.
Can a Clown fly?
Why is this relevant?
What countries are Allies to the US?
Who are Friends in High Places?
Who has the Power to Rock and Roll?
Who can Light the Sky and remain in Peace? +++
Rock on!
Safety and Peace

Down come the poppy fields
Boom came the surprise
Why is this relevant?
AA show their Power when Truth calls for Justice
Clowns crying as they scatter to darkness
Tick Tock
WE can see You +++++++++++++++++++
Don't go near the flowers.
Don't go near the children.

Light Trumps Darkness
Who is POTUS?
Why is this relevant?
Are You ready for Truth?
There is always a choice
The Dawn of Awakening for Earth
Archangel Uriel has reappeared
Friends in High Places +++
Peace Our Beloved

A rope can look like a snake
And a snake can look like a rope
Be careful what you touch on your Journey to Truth
The Light is fading around the Princess
Will darkness fall completely?
Who is behind this darkness?
Why is this relevant?
Are you protected? +++
Remember the promise?
WE do not leave until WE show you the way to Light!

MSM see how they run
They burrow into the ground claiming to know nothing
Believing they are not seen.
Why is this relevant?
Tip of the iceberg?
Tick Tock
Who is next in the endless line of deceit?
What about the Children?
Women WE Honor
Children WE Show our Power
Let's talk about the Children
Matt, tell us more?
Kimmel is wondering if you will share.
The ball is not in your court now.

Wicked witches always hide.
Some aren't even real.
Can a clone be programmed?
Why is this relevant?
Let's be real!
What is the Hillary-clone's role in the R investigation?
Is Comey known for lying?
Thorns look innocent on a rose vine until you bleed.
How will this end?
Why should you care?
Watch us in action behind the scenes of the play ++++++++++
Watch Us Rise Together
Want to Fly?

4 weeks, 4 days, 40 years
Nothing to Brian Ross in dollars
What about lies?
What about slander?
Can words be contained when spread like wildfire?
Why is this relevant?
Do you want to hear more lies?
Is this the time to take back your rights?
MSM covers lies should be their Title.
WE do not approve.
Join Us is scattering them to the wind.
Never Trust a Liar.
Join The LIGHT!
You always have a choice.
Remember Who You Are!

Never forget the clones and emails.
Not over yet and will be addressed.
Why is this relevant?
Why does Truth always prevail?
Tick Tock
Can clowns ever really hide?
Do clowns chase clowns?
Who wears the White Hat?
Have you forgotten the Light?
Do you completely understand there is Fake News and a Fake Q?
Why is this relevant?
Deceivers are many. Focus on Unity and Truth! ++++++++
Remember one thing concerning Light +++
WE never call people losers!
Awaken Sleeping Beauty!

Light is walking through darkness
Darkness is only the projected fear of deceivers
Why is this relevant?
Why are WE choosing to focus on Spirit as well as the dream?
Remember chaos happens before change
What is changing?
What are your Hopes?
Focus on Unity but be aware to cover with Light
Those that wish to harm, always move in darkness.
Where is J?
Why is this relevant?
Does The White Hat have a plan?
Will J disappear into the dream?
Dream on, those that dream.
Awaken and come with us.

Earthquakes and tunnels
What could this be?
Why is this relevant?
Run as the darkness falls on your plans to destroy others
Who has the Power?
What have WE shared?
War is not necessary when you have Friends in High Places.
Take out the snakes as they run into traps
See how they fall.
Fly in LOVE

Light spreads for the Purpose of ONE and for ALL
There is no beginning or ending to Light
Why is this relevant?
Light seeks Peace and will meet with those opposing to bring Strength and Resolve for Nations
Truth needs no defense ever but will uphold what is necessary to protect You! +++++++++
Truth or Consequences is not the game here.
You can fall or You can rise.
Can darkness remain with such a bright Light?
Will The White Hat show you wonders soon?
Will You Remember?
Why is this relevant?
What is Sheen?

Is Wisdom free?
Do you believe facts because they are in a book?
Why is this relevant now?
Are questions being asked?
Are the answers correct?
How would You know if the Source is Authentic?
Do you know about Higher Self?
Do you have a Guide?
You can listen to your Heart and it never lies
You are provided many ways to find your way to Truth
Do you believe in Peace?
Are you led by Peace?
Do you remember Your Light?
Look to POTUS as he is passing out White Hats.

Impossible to stop Truth when it is flowing.
Acid wash or MSM never touch Truth.
Like a script in a bad movie, the lies will fall to deaf ears.
Many new choices are coming to you soon.
Why is this relevant?
Intention from POTUS is a fresh start for all people.
Has he been presented with new information?
Never be deceived by those who have shown true colors.
Watch the colors fade to black.
No swearing in and no recordings by those in darkness looking on...
Little do they know of the surprise to be revealed.
Never underestimate the Power of Light!
Never think you know the end of this story.
Happily Ever After.
WE stay.
They go!
Fly with Us as it only gets brighter from here.
Look past the MSM.
Look closely. It is all there.

Repeat performance showing up in fire.
Why do the dark ones cause so much destruction?
Why is so much life being destroyed?
Why is this relevant?
Innocent people, animals in fear.
Could darkness understand the time is short for their deeds?
Be Strong! Be Vigilant!
Ca. becoming desolate but not alone.
WE are here! And WE are Strong! ++++++++
When the lights go out, they come back much brighter!
Remember this!

Jerusalem has returned to our Consciousness.
Why is this relevant?
Will Peace prevail?
Will J. cause a turn to turmoil while others want Peace?
Why would he do this?
Is he a masked deceiver?
Every mystery has one.
No place to hide. In plain sight to all.
WE watch from the sidelines as he moves closer to the cliff.
Smart men never stand near a cliff.
Better to fly than fall.

Robert and Nancy play for 13 years.
Why is this relevant?
Do you find this to be part of the jigsaw?
Pictures form as darkness comes together.
Answers always come if you are patient.
Who is covering who? And for what reason?
Nothing can ever cover Light!
See them turn on their own, claiming honesty.
Know the motive for this is then 'attack what is good'.
Never mind the view.

Slush funds will never work.
See the Swamp drain quickly.
E.W. never wore feathers and Hillary has never known Truth.
Resigning and running.
More cuffs needed.
Rico Act will bring celebrations
See the Bold and Beautiful thrive
As the World Turns
Never underestimate The Light +++++++
Rise and Fly High!

DOJ and questions for Truth
What will be given? What will be taken?
Dossier will be revealed as Hillary and Peter slither into dirt.
Spies never hide in Light!
Release and let go?
WE never do this!
Lights On!

Rumors of wars and projections of fear.
Is the pastime of many that do not even know you exist.
It is important to stay present and know that you are completely safe in each moment.
If you feel fear it is not real. It is a projection into the future which does not exist.
Only Now exists. Find Peace here.
Remember the Key.
Touch Your Heart.
This is only a story.
Don't get lost in the players and puppets.
They all get their strings cut soon and the players get played.
Back in the box.
Be The Love That You Are!
No acting required.

When everything dissolves into Truth, You will find there is only Love itself.
Your nature which you have forgotten is Clarity, Expanded Consciousness, Joyous Creation, Endless Play.
There are no limits to your generosity.
Your Intention is met more quickly than instantaneous, vast, all inclusive, and more beautiful that you can possibly imagine.
What was lost is forever found.
What is found is all that is left.
Fly Soon!