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Saturday, May 21, 2016

LEARN BITCOIN BEFORE YOU SPEND ANY MONEY, - The simple things you need to know before you spend any money


SIMPLY: You will need a wallet, a place to keep coins, and a faucet, a place to get coins. Don't spend any money when you get started, just play around. I spent several weeks trying to figure this out, good and bad, and finally found this simple way to get some money  in my wallet with multiple coins for no real money, just my time

Simple Steps

Step-1 Get a Bitcoin Wallet like this easy one Exodus
Step-2 Get a Micro Wallet to collect coins, like Coinpot
Step-3 Collect from Faucets like  Moon Bitcoin Faucet 
    Step-1 Get a Wallet install on your computer
    In the beginning, I recommend you get an offline Wallet, Exodus's Wallet ifs a great one, mainly because it's pretty, easy to use, and works with 40-50 different currencies. In the rest of this blog i explain how i have learned how to play around with bitcoin and 4-5 other alt currencies.

    Step-2 Get a Micro Wallet 

    What you need NEXT is some place to store everything as you collect it, the BEST I have found is Coinpot. It’s a “microwallet” that allows you to consolidate EVERYTHING you collect from these 7 websites in one place. 
    Step-3 Collect from Faucets 
    coinpot crypto faucet earning dashboardCoinpot allows you to freely move from one currency to another, free of charge. This is very important when you are still learning and getting started. It also allows you to easily view all your earnings in one dashboard. 

    Everything can be viewed in real time dashboard..The internet is home to hundreds of sites that will reward you with FREE cryptocurrencies – namely Bitcoin, in exchange for watching ads and completing offers and other small tasks. Read the Guide to Bitcoin Faucets to learn more about some of the best, most consistent paying faucets out there today. Faucets are a great idea, but for the inexperienced, it’s easy to fall prey to scams that can waste your time and even your cash, should you choose to invest your own money.It’s important to find trusted sources and tools, to keep you earning rather than losing.One of my favorite tools is Coinpot. It’s a “microwallet” that allows you to collect small bits of currency, and view all your earnings in one dashboard. Sign up for Coinpot to start learning and earning.
    This microwallet serves five different currencies:
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • DOGEcoin 
    • DASH 
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    From Coinpot, you can convert any of those “alt coins” that you earn into Bitcoin or Litecoin – two of the most popular and reliable on the market today. Or, collect all the coins and hold onto them just in case they become profitable. In addition, you earn 3 “Coinpot Tokens” each time you claim from a faucet, which can be converted to any coin.  There is no fee for any conversion, so you can try whatever strategy you choose with absolutely no risk! Once you meet a minimum threshold amount in your accounts, you can then withdraw those earnings to a real cryptocurrency wallet, where they can be held onto for safekeeping, exchanged, or sold for dollars or your preferred fiat currency.
    Using the Coinpot faucets, I am able to transfer more than .0003 BTC per month into a savings account. As of right now that’s about $2 USD per month, from activities that take me only a few minutes a day to complete.

    Your other options for earning free money on the internet are wrapped in scams and often require a TON of effort for very little reward. Why not do something for your future that is secure, and allows you to have fun learning about the cryptocurrency markets with virtually no risk involved?! 
    These are the faucets serviced by Coinpot – you can earn EVERY 5 MINUTES on all of these, on either computer or mobile phone, and there are some cool bonuses if you check in consistently.
    1. Bonus Bitcoin
    2. BitFun Faucet 
    3. Moon Bitcoin Faucet 
    4. Moon Dogecoin Faucet 
    5. Moon Litecoin Faucet 
    6. Moon Dash Faucet 
    7. Moon Cash Faucet 

    It’s best to claim a minimum of twice per day on each of them, though you are allowed to claim every 5 to 15 minutes. They pretty much just require you to type out the answer to a CAPTCHA – super easy!

    MINING - Advanced
    After you have perfected this, next you may try mining other places. If so try FaucetHub
    How does this work? Using the power of your machine's CPU and your web-browser, you can mine FREE Bitcoin in the background while you do other things. You can leave it on while you are at work, while you sleep, and it will just work for you. Faucet Hub is also another great MicroWallet which works much like Coinpot (above) It accumulates your bitcoin from many other websites all in one place.