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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WHAT IS TSU - tsū (Sue) is a free social media payment platform.

WHAT IS TSU – tsū (Sue) is a free social media payment platform. With tsū, users can monetize all social content in an exponential way due to the nature of how established social networks work and also in perpetuity since users forever tie themselves to other users vs. tying themselves to a platform. For the first time every content creator can attach their content to their social network and benefit from royalties in perpetuity. The platform has removed from the onboarding process, allowing users to invite others which ties users to each other and makes the arithmetic work. Come visit mehttp://www.tsu.co/robbyba
Since tsu.co does not invite anyone to the platform itself, it instead allows users to utilize a short code invite system that tracks & distributes 100% of the social economics of the platform to its users. This unique architecture gives users an annuity for their content due to the way users tie themselves together through seamless invitations. As such, users are incentivized to grow the platform since the monetization overlays a network effect onto each tsū users social network. The more relevant a users content and the larger their network, the proportionally greater the monetization is. Come visit mehttp://www.tsu.co/robbyba
As revenues are distributed to users and balances grow, tsūs focus is its payment platform that manages user accounts and integrates numerous other apps while delivering credit products, peer-to-peer payments and merchant services. tsū also shares revenues from other integrated apps and financial products with its social network, thus strengthening the platform and introducing much larger markets into the fold than those of just the social model. In this way, users can be subsidized by 3rd parties (advertisers, partners and sponsors) while socializing, searching, listening to music, transacting, etc., basically do what they do daily on the web. For its efforts the company takes a fee of 10% once economics are created and distributes the rest to the network. Come visit mehttp://www.tsu.co/robbyba
Such a system is ideal for all content creators, influencers and those with a captive audience (charities, musicians, artists, photographers, writers, publishers, producers, YouTubers, managers, bloggers, businesses, athletes, team owners, enthusiasts, proud parents, etc.) who receive few royalties for their current online efforts. This is how users turn the status quo upside down and truly own their content. True ownership always includes ownership of the economics. I think you need an INVITE –>http://www.tsu.co/robbyba
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New #TSU I am still hanging out on TSU, and still like it.

I am still hanging out on TSU, and still like it. Actually have been spending all of my social media time over there these days, because everything I do over there shows up here anyway, and it doesn't hurt that they pay me a little bit of money to do what i am already doing. I will never leave facebook, but it is fun, people are really nice, and they have a lot of pretty pics (my favorite). If you make it over there, let me know I'll teach you what you need to know to get started quickhttps://www.tsu.co/robbyba

Friday, November 21, 2014

SMILE IT'S FRIDAY www.tsu.co/robbyba/8883198 GOOD MORNING and have great weekend

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GOOD MORNING - smile it is friday
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GRATZ - to my new friends over at ‪#‎TSU Amazing accomplishment to have 1,000,000 members between Oct20 and Nov20

GRATZ - to my new friends over at ‪#‎TSU‬, seems like you are now have the fastest growing social media network ever. Amazing accomplishment to have 1,000,000 members between Oct20 and Nov20. How many does GB have 10M after 10 years. I guess it doesn't matter, looks like you guys are having fun. https://www.tsu.co/robbyba
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#TSU announced they had just reached their 1,000,000 member in the first 30 days.

#TSU   Well yesterday I post a fairly pessimistic view on this new social media platform, but considering later in the day they announced they had just reached their 1,000,000 member in the first 30 days. I guess I would have to qualify my message a bit, and say congratulations on being the fastest growing social media site ever.  All things considered, I think Facebook has what 10M? Twitter maybe 24M? Makes you really wonder if you guys just found the niche that everyone has always been looking for. GREAT JOB, and if you haven't seen it yet, you probably should take a look. It is very clean, user firendly, and so far, a lot of fun... https://www.tsu.co/robbyba
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Well #TSU.. what can I say, I have been playing on this new social media platform for 3-4 weeks

Well #TSU.. what can I say, I have been playing on this new social media platform for 3-4 weeks now, and seem to be pretty successful, though 

the satisfaction level seems to be missing a little something and I am really not quite sure what it is yet. Is it possible I got in right during a very exciting growth spurt, felt the excitement, and now it has just slowed to a normal healthy growth rate. 

Did a grass roots effort that was catching on like wildfire, get stifled  by the local self appointed sheriffs? Is early fast growing community being pigeon holed into being something that is meant only for the business community? I am not sure, all i can tell is as I continue to grow, as my messages and likes per view continue to rise. There are less and less people on the TSU platform each day over the last 7-10 days... 

If this was just a fun ride, I must say i enjoyed it. If this is just normal for a fast growth idea to grow fast, consolidate, then grow fast again, then I guess I am well positioned for the next bit of fun. I just found that about the time the slow down came. The experts started preaching what was proper and not proper on a social media platform. I watched people getting banned for no reason explained to them. I watched large groups of people walk away because of lack of a formal communication channel. Leaving stories to travel through other social media sites, saying "I was banned and don't know why" or "I was banned for growing to fast" but no one really knows, and there was probably a good reason..... or I might argue, is any reason a good reason when a concept has gone viral. I might also argue, if you are getting spam, or messages you don't want, unfollow or unfriend and that stuff goes away for you. Do you really want to complain to a probably;y overwhelmed management team, and convince them to start banning people because that is the way you "know things should be run"

Either way  has been a lot of fun, it is still early in the game, mistakes will be made, and one way or another it will end up answering the one question that matters. Was this a sound business plan in the first place? If it was, it will have it's up days, and it will have it's down days. They will make some good decisions, and they will make some bad decisions... but one thing for sure, they have opened Pandora's Box and now the people know that there "pretty pics" and "thoughts of wisdom" have some monetary value, that SHOULD be paid directly to them... so join TSU, or don't join TSU, the platform may live, and be the next great #facebook or #google+  or it may die a spectacular death just as quickly as it was born.....but I just wanted to say it was fun, I hope it continues to be, and I have enjoyed the ride so far.  Join me if you wish ro see for yourself https://www.tsu.co/robbyba

Picture #Syria Photo of the day: Dinner time! Mohammed and his beautiful baby.#refugees

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