How would you feel if I threw a PIE in your face?
Actually , this is just the latest promotion that Empire Avenue is running to keep social media fun and entertaining while you perfect your social media skills on other networks. Empire Avenue (#EAv) is one of the only places I know that you can meet social media elite players in a casual environment. It seems like the the best of the social media elite have all quietly accumulated here over the years. Most are very friendly, and if you say hello, many will befriend you instantly. Also, if you ask them how they became so successful, many will sit down and explain to you (proudly) in detail how they did it.
The best kept secret I know in the social media arena is probably Empire Avenue. It is originated as a game that leverages popularity and success on other social media sites to give you scores (Similar to Klout, but broken down in more detail). These metrics are used by other people to decide whether or not you are worth investing in (like the real stock market) and you get a derived stock value. Here is how they define themselves
EMPIRE AVENUE - What is the Social Stock Market? The Empire Avenue Social Market is a fun game built around social media using virtual currency. Individuals and Businesses can use the game to “invest” their currency in other profiles and create a connected that span multiple networks from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more.The more people you invest in and the more you invest in each person, the deeper your connections. The following is what you can accomplish by playing the Social Market game on Empire Avenue: Drive engagement across multiple networks. Investments on Empire Avenue can lead to connections in all the other networks you and your investments might be active in Earn Eaves by playing the market so you can use it to drive further engagement or derive real business value by promoting yourself or business to new networks Use the Network Scores and Share Price concepts to see how to improve your Social Media standings Connect with some of the top Social Media people using the game mechanics rather than seeking intros Have some fun!
Many consider this a game, and I may be the only person who is not there for that reason. I originally arrived because they keep better metrics on how I am doing than Klout. Maybe not more accurate, but they have a relative score they have given me for each social media platform, and I can try and test different techniques, and over the next week or so, I can see how I have done. Then I can check to see if my relative score in that network went up or down. Secondly, and maybe just as important. I found a place where I could actually have a conversation with other social media elite. Try saying hello of Twitter and see how many respond with anything significant. EAv is kinda like their living room, a relaxing place where they are much more to share their secrets. Lastly, they offer these things called missions, and you can use these things to drive traffic to ANY of your social media sites, specific blogs, and or campaigns you are running and you will know you are bringing social media savvy real people to come see your content.
So back to the purpose of this blog. I want to throw a PIE in your face (and in doing so give you a bunch of their social media currency, 250,000e). If your have never heard of Empire Avenue and want some pie you can sign-up here. If you are already there, leave your link in a reply below, or a just send me feedback on the EAv requesting pie, and I will be sending you your PIE.. Either way, here's a towel, I am making quite the mess. Cream filling is now all over the floor, the walls, the furniture. Someone is going to have to clean all this up.
Have a great day