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Friday, September 18, 2015

#Injury Lance Lynn threw a temper tantrum #Cardinals fans think Anthony Rizzo was being whiny

  1. Good news on Matt Holliday - no concussion based on tests. Still no word on Lance Lynn's injury.
  2. Some things never change. This team has always been the biggest group of whiners.
  3. Truthfully, the meltdown of Lance Lynn on my fantasy baseball team has me more alarmed than iOS 9. ;)
  4. lance lynn threw a temper tantrum worthy of a kindergartner and cardinals fans think anthony rizzo was being whiny? okay.
  5. Remember when Lance Lynn had a sub-3 ERA? That might've been the biggest fluke ever
  6. Today makes 3 times in last 6 starts that Lance Lynn hasn't made it through 4th inning. What people keep asking: Why's he nibbling so much?
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