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Monday, April 23, 2012

Video #Ancient Knowledge, Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines

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Ancient Knowledge, Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines (Earth's E...:  via 

In all of Fortean phenomena and esoterica, I am not overly familiar with the concept of ley lines.  So on a whim, I decided to look into it and the following is what I found out.

A "ley line" is an unseen conduit, if you will, of spiritual energy that runs through the Earth.  There many of these lines across the globe and they tend to intersect in a grid-like pattern.  Points where these lines intersect are thought to be vortexes of psychic or spiritual energy by New Agers.  Said devotees of the ley line theory claim that ancient peoples, whether unconsciously or intuitively, built their monuments along these conduits.  The pyramids of both Egypt and Mexico are said to be atop ley lines, as is Stonehenge and the lines of Nazca.  Even our modern Interstates and roadways are claimed to follow ley lines in a few cases.  Plus, interestingly enough, crop circles seem to form along ley lines, especially in Britain.

Yeah, I don't know what to make of it all, either.  I suppose it might hold water if you look at things from the Gaia perspective.  The Gaia Principle states that the whole world is one, enormous, living organism.  Given the interconnectedness of ecosystems on our Big Blue Marble, this makes sense in essence.  You can also see it perhaps from a spiritual perspective in that Mother Earth could be considered the one great creator and therefore spiritual energy would flow through her, coming up to meet us at various intersecting points;  a "matrix" if you will of psychic energy.  It's a little bit out there, but might not magic and spiritual energy just be forms of energy that we don't yet understand?

Speaking of "holding water," that could be an angle to it.  Scientists are just now discovering that there is a distinct "hum" to the oceans.  The prevailing thought is that this nigh inaudible sound is generated by the crashing of waves and tides. In effect, this is a form of energy.  Many of these ley lines as well as crop circles tend to congregate near underground reservoirs of water.  The lines at Nazca are prime examples of this.  Could there be a sort of "ripple effect" in the electromagnetic spectrum caused by water near these locations and could it affect not just the physicality of the world around us but the psychology of our own minds in ways we don't yet understand?   
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