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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LeBron James

Jeff Davis

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What a dink.
LeBron James Cuddled The Larry O'Brien Trophy Like It Was One Of His Children »
I had a conversation about LeBron James with my grandmother at a cousin's wedding in Colorado this weekend. My Баба lives outside of Cleveland, and like all awesome old ladies she has strong opinions ...

shamya rushing10:09 AM
that is the last trophe he is going to be cuddling the way i see it

Jeff Davis10:13 AM
He can cuddle with his MVP trophies all he wants.
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cariline cienrod

8:56 AM  -    -  Public

Mike Tyson Performs "LeBron James" Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorite parts again, or catch-up on any episodes you may have missed Channel: Subscribe:


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And so it is that the NBA season has come down to the two teams who were destined to make it here in the first place.

Oklahoma City - Not only have they been getting better every single year, but they've also finally conquered everything they could: Last years champs, the team with the best record, and their arch-nemesis. It would only be fitting that they now have...
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sagar.v sagar9:34 AM

die hard

josh tschetter9:40 AM
heat can do it
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David Sneen

8:10 AM  -  Public
Kevin Durant seizes Finals moment, Game 1 victory over LeBron James »
The bigger the stage, the greater the pressure, the greater Kevin Durant continues to play.



Ty Edwards9:32 AM

that was tough games.

JaVarion Calhoun9:45 AM
Great game in game 1 OKC came out with the win.OKC knows how to close out games but the Heat struggle with that so there for when games get late the Heat need to be in the lead and close it out. BUT I really belive the the Heat can out be OKc in OKC so there going to have a tough time this series to win the finals sense OKC have more home games then MIami but we are in for a good series
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Fernando Bártolo

6:24 AM  -  Public

Take a look at the Top 10 Plays of the season from LeBron James. James helped lead the Heat into the playoffs with one of the best seasons of his career.


Lewis Brown8:58 AM
Poor Milwaukee lol

Ricky Pollo10:04 AM
They're in the Finals---they CAN'T lose the whole thing anymore.
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