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Friday, January 25, 2013

#Syria 2 conflicting parties, people trying to survive and a regime trying to crush them

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  1. 24 JanTiny Klout Flag97United Nations ‏@UN
    As harsh winter continues in , displaced people need proper shelter, heating & clothes.  – 
  2. 22mTiny Klout Flag54ex. ‏@dulcetry
    Spain: 26% unemployment. Syria: civil war and massive suffering. United States: petition to make day after Superbowl national holiday.
  3. 31mTiny Klout Flag84Susan Rice ‏@AmbassadorRice
    U.S. announcing a new aid package for the Syrian people at next week's  donor conference. Hope the rest of the world joins us.
  4. 56mTiny Klout Flag54Nora Basha ‏@Nora0315
    There are only 2 conflicting parties in Syria. As always, Kafranbel says it best. One of my favorites.  - 
  5. 1hTiny Klout Flag81Marc Lynch ‏@abuaardvark
    FP: Why the killing in Syria is just the beginning, by Christian Caryl
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