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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Google #Circles Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, “Reward Engagers Edition”.

Randy Hilarski

Shared publicly  -  6:06 PM
Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, “Reward Engagers Edition”.

How do you reward those who engage with you? These are the most important people in your circles, hold them close and thank them every chance you get.

First here are the Top 15 #CircleCurators for the week. This is the first time Robby Ball has been at the top! Congratulations my friend. Once again I could not do this without the help of +CircleCount
+Robby Ball
+Scott Buehler
+Sam Stormborn Ormandy
+Team Circle Share
+Vladimir Samsonov X2
+Auth Icle X2
+Michael B.
+Chad Sideburn
+Tancredi Matranga
+Raffaele Romeo Arena
+Alessandro Folghera
+Dubie Bacino

I wanted to give a special shoutout to some of my Engagers here on Google Plus as well as on other platforms. These people truely make social media a blast for me. I also mentioned you all in the article and linked back to your Google Plus profiles. Thank you everyone!

In no particular order-

+Tammy Cook
+Wanda Virgo
+Dr Tammy Cashion
+Neil Ferree
+Mia Voss
+Juan Pablo A.
+Michael Q Todd
+Wanda Muller-Wing
+Catherine Wilfong
+Krithika Rangarajan
+Matthew Shuey
+Jamie Tinker
+Ileane Smith
+Tyger Jones
+Michael Garcie
and of course my wife +Anabell Hilarski !

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