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Friday, March 7, 2014

Googleplus #ThankyouMagic PEOPLE WHO SAY "THANK YOU" (Mar7) This circle is to show appreciation to the 437 who said thanks #google #plus

Robby Ball

Shared publicly  -  9:27 AM

PEOPLE WHO SAY "THANK YOU" (Mar7) This circle is to show appreciation to the 437 who said thanks to my last circle, and 60 new#thankyou members entering this circle for the first time. All of these people I observed over the last week taking a second to say "thanks". I was so pleased, I created a circle of 500 of you. I am amazed every day what a fun group of people have been accumulating here on Google+. I continue to be impressed with quality, the professionalism,  and the sincerity of everyone I am meeting. This circle is for YOU  (Click on this #thankyoumagic to see my other 2014 circles) #Circlemagic #Magiccircle    

PLEASE VISIT the "The Magic of Circles" hosted by +Circle Magic Each day I am gathering the most active Circles I can find. Circles are #Magic , and if you love them, they will love you back.   PLEASE SHARE A #CIRCLE  Do you want to Grow your followers? Get started now, add or share a Circle and watch your followers grow #googleplus #google 

README - Sharing circles benefits everyone, Sharing circles helps you by getting you added to their next circle and it helps the "Circle Master" by getting them recognized and promoted as active circle distributors. The more shares he/she gets THIS WEEK the more people that follow you NEXT WEEK.


SPECIAL THANK YOU FROM +Circle Magic  - I just wanted to take a second to thank all the best of the best circle promoters, who probably mostly go un-noticed, but without them, the success of the circle sharing would be much more challenging. These SPECIAL people have all dropped by my community "The Magic of Circles" and shared someone else's circle. #TIPHAT to .....

Logan Lynn Roberts  +Logan Lynn Roberts   
Michael Sonntag +Michael Sonntag 
Sandra Deichmann  +Sandra Deichmann     
Jasmina Brozović +Jasmina Brozović   
Ivana Zuber +Ivana Zuber   
SpaceyQT  +SpaceyQT 
Suzanne W +Suzanne W   
Paula Teshima  +Paula Teshima 
Michael Kogon +Michael Kogon   
Ralf Skirr +Ralf Skirr 
Michael Sonntag   +Michael Sonntag       
Laura Sanna +Laura Sanna   
ArmStreet +ArmStreet
Cristina De R.Costa +Cristina De R.Costa 

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE CIRCLE MASTERS - I cannot forget you either. without your  thankless hard work, building, maintaining, auditing, promoting these lists in the first place, none of us would have anything to promote.

Here are some of the most amazing circles I have seen released in the last seven days, each of these amazing people have worked really hard to deliver a specialize list just for you

+Chad Hart     18,909        followers
+Cristina De R.Costa      3,779        followers
+Mario Falcetti    40,574        followers
+Raffaele Romeo Arena      20,258        followers
+Bikash Das      (version 9.0)        24,861        followers
+Silvio De Rossi     18,395        followers
+PIZZA CIRCLES      2,322        followers
+The Rusty Ball   19,131        followers
+Marlo Angelo Tito      74,832        followers
+Amig Von Hallen     11,409        followers
+Swapnil singh Solanki   189        followers
+Circles Circles Circles    20,005        followers
+Cristina De R.Costa     3,779        followers
+Thomas Kohler    2,326        followers
+Mariana Lopez de Waard     9,888        followers
+Quality Circle     350        followers
+Richard Heby    507        followers
+Tancredi Matranga      19,192        followers+
+Brandon Leibowitz      12,812        followers+
+Artur M.      37,057        followers
+Tory Stephens     8,910        followers
+Manica Circles    5,845        followers
+Denyse Landry   10,136        followers
+Bom Lachong    493        followers
+Crazy Circles     0        followers
+AyJay Schibig    47,386        followers
+Corlis Gray     97        followers
+Sam Stormborn Ormandy      28,424        followers
+Roy Erling McKellar      654        followers
+Amig Von Hallen     11,409        followers
+The Big Green Circle Machine      15,835        followers
 +Corlis Gray      97        followers
+Gray Photography Chicago     1,012        followers
+Gorka Ortiz     33,117        followers

FAVOR TO ASK - As if all of you are not already doing TOO much work already. I was  hoping to ask, that when you drop of your circles each day, that you take an extra  minute to SHARE a a couple other peoples circles too. My team tries to give each and every circle between 7-12 shares to every circle dropped off in my community "The Magic of Circles" but as we become more and more successful we find we are getting  20-30 new circles listed each day, and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with everyone, and already I am starting to have to pick and choose which circles I  can afford to run  #empireavenue   missions on to get that extra 5-6 shares on the most active  circles..

I know we are all doing this for free, with no real idea of why we are doing this,  except that it feels like the right thing to do, and one day in the furture it might  pay off. I also know you guys are all my work by gathering all the best circles and posting them for me in my CIRCLE MAGIC community... but as I figure out how to  convince more of the community to share public, I was thinking we could all start  helping each other by not only posting our circles, but giving a few shares to other  peoples circles, even if we do not know them... Again thank you all, you are all very special in each of your rolls but I think we  can all do better, and the better each of us do, the better all of us do  NOTE - These are only posts from last 24 hours to "The Magic of Circles" I know a lot have been left out

Robby Ball
aka Circle Magic
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