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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Photo #NFLDraft 4 Draft rumors that are strictly smokescreens, Manziel Bridgewater #Rams #Eagles #Browns #Bengals

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4 pre-Draft rumors that are strictly smokescreens, per :

St. Louis Rams want Johnny Manziel

The whispers on this story started a while ago. We wrote about the Rams' rumored interest in Manzielthree weeks ago. Like a lot of long-game smokescreens, the volume on the story has turned up considerably as the draft approaches.

Philadelphia Eagles are in the mix for Manziel

There is reportedly a buzz making the rounds in league circles that Philadelphia is interested in Manziel.

Cleveland Browns plan to wait before drafting QB

Mike Pettine said last week that, in an "ideal situation," the Browns would take a positional player at No. 4 and a quarterback later in the draft. To hear Pettine explain it, starting a QB as a rookie is asking for trouble in the hyper-competitive NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals could take Teddy Bridgewater in Round 1

We're supposed to believe a team coming off three straight playoff appearances would eschew the chance to add an immediate starter to a defense in need of upgrades at corner and D-line and instead draft a playerwho, according to some, might have just as many question marks as Andy Dalton?

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