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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo #Anonymous is preparing a cyber-attack on World Cup in Brazil is just excuse to DDoS something

Tiny Klout Flag45newsworld ‏@NewsyNewsworld  May 30
Anonymous is preparing a cyber-attack on corporate sponsors of the World Cup in Brazil via /r/worldnews

[–]an_internet_denizen 150 points 
Lulz the revolution will be conducted from your mothers basement! Fear us!
[–]Bommer-Sooner 33 points 
Honestly DDoS attacks on company websites are weak and pathetic. Wish they would come up with something, you know, actually scary.
[–]iTomes 44 points 
The problem with coming up with something scary is that it may very well cost you your head. DDoSing is more like good old fashioned protesters throwing rocks at windows. Sure, the company itself won't need to care about some financial damage, but it does tend to make it into the news and hence gets public attention.
[–]TheWhiteeKnight 3 points 
Yeah, that, and "doing something actually scary" generally, is illegal, and will get you arrested. It's easy to hide behind a computer screen, but I doubt people want to get arrested over the World Cup.
[–]0xr 3 points 
It's easy to hide behind a computer screen
It really, really isn't.
[–]krayshawn 0 points 
Easy? NSA says otherwise.
[–]papyjako89 7 points 
Yeah, they accomplish absolutly nothing worth mentionning, except sometimes forcing the IT guy to wake up in the middle of the night. More annoying for ordinary workers than for the company itself really.
[–]xkcd_transcriber 6 points 
Title: CIA
Title-text: It was their main recruiting poster, hung nearly ten feet up a wall! This means the hackers have LADDER technology! Are we headed for a future where everyone has to pay $50 for one of those locked plexiglass poster covers? More after the break ...
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[–]Circlejerk_Conductor 3 points 
Not that I agree with people who abuse botnets, and especially not in this case. DDOS attacks cost companies MILLIONS. So... pathetic? Sure. Weak? nope.
[–]happyscrappy 37 points 
Adidas and Coke don't do significant business from their corporate website. A DDoS on it has virtually no effect.
It's not like you're DDoSing a company which loses its livelihood if you make their site inaccessible.
[–]pschic_powers 2 points 
Honestly - if my company is on the same ip space with level3 as Adidas or Coke - our traffic might be hurt depending on the level of attack. That means additional work for me and my team rerouting traffic.
[–]TRY_LSD 3 points 
If they saturate the entire pipe going in, the whole datacenter will go offline. As unlikely as it is, all the traffic rerouting and firewalling in the world can't help you if the entire line going to the datacenter is clogged up with ascii penises sent from hijacked servers in Siberia.
[–]Jakoman7 1 point 
ascii penises sent from hijacked servers in Siberia.
Future warfare will be fought penises. That's what I call progress.
[–]pschic_powers 3 points 
All wars have been fought with penises...
[–]Jakoman7 2 points 
Mental image of hitler and FDR shlong sword fighting. I need sleep.
[–]dalik 2 points 
I would think its more about the attention it could get and that might lead to negative PR.
[–]Bommer-Sooner 16 points 
A million pocket change to these corporations. Well within their risk management fund that they have set aside.
It is pathetic. It doesn't effect the companies. They won't even blink.
[–]TheMadmanAndre 3 points 
It's sad that you're getting downvoted for speaking the truth, large corporations plan for this sort of semi-unexpected occurrence.
[–]Smurfboy82 2 points 
They could hashtag it. That seems to solve all the worlds problems.
[–]300POUNDSOFHAM 6 points 
No, they just want an excuse to fucking DDoS something like the COOL CYBER ACTIVISTS they are, the kind of thing that's been going on since the Scientology debacle.
[–]BWalker66 3 points 
It brings attention to the issues. There probably isn't anything most of them can do but that.
[–]mclemons67 1 point 
It brings negative attention to the issue though. That's the problem. Now people may look at the genuine issues in Brazil and dismiss them as a bunch of failed hackers trying to get attention.
[–]wayndom 3 points 
Kind of makes Anonymous look like a bunch of hi-tech hipsters, doesn't it?
[–]Higher_Primate 0 points 
It certainly wouldn't hurt.. More power to the people I always say.
[–]dartvuggh 5 points 
Well actually it could - it distracts from legitimate critique and it associates the broader anti-world cup movements with a bunch of hackers. If anything, this gives ammunition to the parts of brazillian gov't that are resistant to implementing much-needed social reform.
Its similar to a bunch of hooligans rioting at a peaceful protest. Yeah, maybe they smashed some things that people didn't like, but by association everyone in that protest can be easily biased as supporting hooliganism.
[–]purplestOfPlatypuses 1 point 
"Hackers" may be too strong a word. Are some of them hackers? Yea, no doubt. The majority are just script kiddies pressing a button on their probably infected LOIC program.
[–]PissedoffPope -2 points 
The problem is people like you who expect one action to solve a million problems. And there are billions of you out there.
Rather, this is a call for attention to something worth it, rather than 22 men kicking a ball around for 90 minutes. If you enjoy your sports, go right ahead, but I don't believe you have the right to enjoy a sport when it is costing human lives to save or make pennies. The brazilian government, local governments and FIFA should be charged for negligent homicide and creating an environment for slavery.
Oh, now it sounds serious right? But when it's people like anonymous(which a lot of you seem to hate're not a part of it?) calling for attention to it you idiots look away.
[–]efhs 3 points 
"charged with negligent homicide." Come on, there is a 0% chance of that ever happening, so why even bother talking about it. its like when people try and get obama arrested for being a war criminal, its pissing in the wind and makes your point look weak by using such a stupid claim.
[–]PissedoffPope 0 points 
What is it with retards like you who can string together a sentence and then think it's an argument.
We are talking about a sports event. Leave the obama obsession at the door please.
[–]3danimator 8 points 
I hate anonymous because they are childish idiots. Simple. And no, I'm not fucking part of anonymous.
[–]TheArabianKnightMC 5 points 
I used to support them. Not anymore. They find the smallest things, like Coke and other sponsors aren't paying for people to die, they are advertising at the most popular game and turn them into something they're not. Like when that girl in Boston may have been a victim of child abuse (there was reason to believe at the time), Anonymous hacked the Boston Children's Hospital. What. The. Fuck. So they had the chance to ruin many people's lives over an act that had the intention of saving a little girl. Hacking a children's hospital? Real mature asswipes, fucking cowards.
[–]a__nanny__moose 2 points 
we are lesion
[–]PissedoffPope 0 points 
Who gives a shit? My post completely went over your head and all the other simplistic regurgitators like yourself. It's not about anonymous, it's about what is going on in Brazil. You guys can't even get over your petty internet-hatred to look at the message. Surprise, surprise, I don't like anonymous either but that's not what it's about you kids.
It's messed up but so many of you guys are just completely fucked in the head so yeah...
[–]3danimator 1 point 
I'm not a kid. I'm 38 and old enough to realise anonymous are full of shit and not doing any good
[–]PissedoffPope 1 point 
Calling attention to the many travesties committed upon our fellow humans is nothing bad. What, you're pissed off that they blocked a few websites? Or were you a playstation victim? Either way, it seems that you are not good at understanding points or even reading what is written. In fact, you are the one that's full of shit because you haven't even talked about the transgressions against our fellow human beings in Brazil, for the profit of a few. You don't need to do anything, just recognize it. But no, you're too cold hearted and inhuman for that because everything has to revolve around you.
You are a kid at 38, congratulations.
[–]3danimator 1 point 
I just want you to know that I'm not going to reply to your absurd allegations because I care so little about you, what think and what you said. See ya. Good luck. You are legion!
[–]COW_BALLS 2 points 
[–]erniecardenas 2 points 
Put your gay mask back on and shut up.
[–]MisterFiftyFifty 2 points 
You do realize your argument sounds completely ridiculous, right? It also isn't a good idea to patronize the people you're talking to.
[–]PissedoffPope 0 points 
You do realize you are not saying anything right?
[–]rustleman 1 point 
I didn't follow on this. Why is everyone so mad at Brazil?
[–]NegroNoodle2 9 points 
Watch out guys, 12 year olds armed with LOIC will fuck all your shit up
[–]blue_2501 47 points 
Let's not forget about Qatar. One person a day dies from building the World Cup arena. They are treated like slaves.
Bringing the Olympics to China and Russia was bad, but FIFA has brought international sports to a new low in corporation corruption and cronyism.
[–]BlueBalls_Jim 13 points 
uhh why was it bad to bring it to China or Russia?
[–]metamina 23 points 
In Russia they deported workers who demanded their paycheck. That's why.
[–]Krewd 0 points 
Bringing the Olympics to China was a good thing.
[–]blue_2501 17 points 
No it wasn't. China is a human rights disaster. It should have never been awarded the contract on those grounds.
Furthermore, with the government trying its best to make itself look good, there was judging bias, reports of cheating, and athletes getting past the age restrictions.
[–]Krewd -4 points 
I'm more talking about the development of China since the Olympics. It jumped a few years and isn't stopping.
[–]keeekeeess -3 points 
Yes it was. I had a long lay-over in the Beijing airport and it was super nice, took a shower for free and had electricity sockets everywhere. If there would have not been any Olympics, I would have been bored and stinky for the 9 hours.
[–]includepower 0 points 
How was it a good thing when about 1,5 million people were displaced.
[–]1950sbebop 5 points 
Isn't anonymous just like one guy who's really good at hacking then a bunch of kids who think they're cool and pretend to be like him? I'm confused
[–]terrence_phan 2 points 
one guy who's really good at hacking
one guy who's really good at hacking and secretly works for the FBI
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media