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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#REBLOG Kolchak Fact Check Files: The Fresno Troll


Every good reporter starts with the facts. People say lots of things. Reporters can only print the facts. I’m starting my Fresno Troll investigation by checking his facts.


Chris Sandys

Troll: Claims this player is either an employee, owner, manager, or agent of Empire Avenue with secret powers to manipulate the game.

Fact: He is a player.  Not on staff, not an owner, not an agent, and not a volunteer.  Purchased a Leaders game pack, which troll also purchased.

Digital Keith

Troll: Claims this player is engaged in false advertising because Keith says Twitter has strong impact on your Klout score and that sales people should use Twitter.

Fact: Troll’s Klout score has dropped 11 points in the days since Twitter suspended his account.  Klout runs on a 90 day scoring cycle, yet less than one week of disconnection drops his score over 12%.  Appears Digital Keith is accurate: Twitter strongly impacts your Klout score.

Randy Garcia

Troll: Claims this player is getting special treatment because he is the brother of the Chairman of the Board

Fact: He is not the brother of the Chairman of the board. Garcia is a common last name.


Troll: Claims Gareth disclosed Troll’s real name to the world, thereby violating his privacy.

Fact: Troll routinely posts screenshots, letters, emails, and other materials that include his real name, his address, his screen names and other personal data.

Robby Ball

Troll: Claims Robby is a “secret admin” undisclosed to Leaders

Fact: Randy is Team Leader of EAv Elders community, which was announced at formation in Leader’s Community.

Keeping score? Facts FIVE, Troll ZERO.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media