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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#TSU #TSUNATION NEW free social media platform. Definitely worth a look

Very Interesting NEW free social media  platform. Definitely worth a look to see. Seems it is invitation only for now, so here is an INVITE -> 
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A dull autumn day
Last weekend I was near the bernese alps, where I wanted to take some sunrise or sunset images. Unfortunately the only day with clouds was exactly this day.
So I beg your pardon, I can only show you this boring image of a dull, cloudy day without sun. It was not a warm, sunny autumn day with all the amazing colors you can imagine. No the fog was covering the landscape while the clouds in an upper layer also covered the blue sky and our mother sun.
Therefore the only mood I can show you is this image of a dark, dull and colorless autumn day... :)

+Tom Fear
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