I noticed with a tool that my Facebook profile has contributed $148,000 to the current value of FB? At first glance, I jokingly think, give me my money, but considering I have been on that site for 4 years, and,commision for a sales person is about 4%, this ends up being a fairly Trivial $57 a week. So not the really big deal it first appears to be, but that brings me to the point of this article. It is pretty obvious that the world is becoming virtual, work at home is becoming more and more commonplace, and the question then becomes how do you secure your place as one of the social media rich.
The most important way to start is to see how you are doing already. The most respectable social media (credit rating) score can be found on Klout, and if you have a score around 40, congratulations you are already very significant on a couple social media platforms. Another new interesting trend, is that some new social media sites, like TSU, are actually proactively sharing revenue to do nothing more than you are already doing on FB. I have made a pretty modest $130 for a couple months of posting pretty pictures, but this is just an example of how everything seems to lead to the same conclusion. The trend seems to be that you need a significant foot print on as many social media sites as you can, because no one social media site is going to make you social media rich. In other words you must get enough of a following on all sites to get some sort of feedback from anything you post.
Now, after getting a foot print on many social media sites, things start to get interesting. What if I had 10 social media sites that were paying me $50-$100 a week to add content to their platform, and increase value for their company and their stockholders? Since I am already doing this for free, in my spare time, this definitely has caught my attention. This made me wonder if there is a way streamline this, and make it even easier for me to guarantee my place as a significant entity in the social media world while it is still easy.
The prerequisite to all of this is building a significant footprint on all the social media platforms you are thinking of, but once you have secured 5-10 likes on everything you are thinking about you are off to a great start. Next very important parts to figure out what was easiest for you. For me, what was most fun, was to take pretty pictures. Then I wanted to do something beyond the obvious scheduled tools to drive traffic. Of course you can use things like Hootsuite®Empire Avenue,etc to drive traffic to a specific page, but I wanted easier success to be on everything I posted.... I guess all tools that help, and contribute and accomplish this goal of making $500 to $1000 a week by playing on social media. All tools eventually help you in securing a place in the future world as one of the potential social media rich. Just seemed to me, there must be an easier, maybe even fun way to do this. Here is one way I have come up with to make instagram a little more relevant for me. tHe goal being, to make sure I also have that instant content creation end up on as many platforms as possible, keeping a nice format, and getting feedback on all platforms I submit to, with the ease of pushing one button and typing a couple words in the form of a quesiton.
I will save how to get relevant on all the different for another blog, but after 4 failed attempts at trying to make instagram relevant, I finally got it to the point where I was getting 10-40 likes on every post. Now I have started trying to figure out a way to leverage this success on multiple platforms. (which I already have a significant footprint on). This technique has been very successful, and I can see it is only the beginning of what I can imagine. If I can almost guarantee a 100 touches on everything I post, what is the limit?
Here is my example, and I am sure you already have developed techniques of your own, but this one has been very effective. I walk outside to get some fresh air, and look up at a cloud, and think, wow... that looks like an elephant. I grab my phone and click on Instagram and snap a picture, and jot down a question. This can be as simple as "What do they think it looks like?". Using IFTTT I have it auto post this to my wordpress site, and from here it auto distributes the pretty picture and comments to Google+Linkedin and 4 other sites. Simple task, which only took seconds, and I probably will get 100 or so touches for that brief minute of effort. Now reproduce this over and over again, making sure you are still getting significant touches, and the sky (pardon the pun) is the limit.
A word of warning, when you start getting good at this, and you have 10s of significant social media platforms. Be VERY careful to plan well, or you can easily get yourself into a terrible loop that could get you in trouble or even suspended on multiple platforms (example: Twitter to facebook, to wordpress, to blogger, to google+ which gets retweeted) This could get you in trouble for spamming if you get yourself into an endless loop.
To summarize, to be social media rich today is a great way to secure your financial future by just documenting what you already do, or wish you were doing. A simple thought like "Ahh, look at that pretty flower, what is it?" Is just a example of how you can start to become a social media rich and significant entity, As long as you can get enough people to hear you on 1 platform, you are guaranteed success on all others. Start to get prepared today, while it is still relatively easy. Don't be intimidated that you are only one person, major corporations have still not figured this out. Many of them are still buying LIKEs which are essentially worthless.
Now.... you may be wondering, how do I become relevant on all these platforms?. Though what I have described above, is a great start, just performing the techniques above does not make you relevant. I will leave that (How to be relevant on each platform) for another blog on another day., For now, I thought I would share something that is becoming more and more obvious to me. The world we live in, starting at marketing, and eventually everything we do, is rapidly changing, like no time ever seen in history. It is up to you, me, and everyone else, to decide what role we want to play in the world we are quickly moving towards. Happy tweeting...