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Friday, February 13, 2015

The 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media Mastery

The 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media Mastery

There is an unlocking process for success; like a combination lock attached to success. The lock will not open unless you use the right combination – and a part of the combination is hidden! You will find the hidden part in my book: The 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media MasteryIf you have noticed that I’ve gone missing on social media during January and February this year, you’ll realise that I have spent a lot of time with this book. My intention of my new book is to help you with the Hidden Rules of Social Media.

Most People Measure Success in ‘Dollars’

So many people want success – and they gauge it in a monetary way: Making money from social media. That is the common topic I see in my industry. I see successes and failures. As a matter of fact, I see a lot more failures than successes. I’m afraid that will not change even though the reason for ‘so-called’ failure is VERY SIMPLE.People leave out vital parts of the winning combination! Before I elaborate more on this, here is the news on the book’s availability for download:

4 Hidden Rules of Social Media Mastery

A free download area will be available next week so you can grab your own copy of my book:
4 Hidden Rules Of Social Media Mastery Text
Make sure to come back to grab your own copy.

What Do Most People Leave Out Of The Winning Combination?

To achieve a winning combination and to unlock success, you need 2 vital ingredients:
  1. The 4 Hidden Rules
  2. The Action Strategies
The action strategies are simple. Everyone teaches them online! They work for you and anyone can use them. Many do so successfully.
Why do so many people fail to make money with social media then?

Because They Leave Out The Hidden Rules!

People who skip the hidden rules, they FAIL… sorry, it’s a proven fact and you will see why in the book. The hidden rules are almost too simple. Actually, some may say they are hard, but I don’t think so. When you read about them in my book, you will appreciate the simplicity. But you will also see the obstacles of the 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media Mastery!
  • You will understand why so many fail to make money with social media.
  • You will also discover why the 4 Hidden Rules make it MUCH easier for you to succeed.

Celebrities That Used The 4 Hidden Rules to Succeed

Famous people throughout history have used the 4 Hidden Rules successfully. Here are 3 of them:

4 Hidden Rules Used By Celebrities
Besides the 3 very well known people above, I’ll reveal 4 more super-celebs in the book that successfully used the 4 Hidden Rules with tremendous outcomes.

Is It Really That Easy, Sean?

If it is so easy, then why aren’t everyone doing it? Ah… I was waiting for that question. That is part of the hidden rules (read the part about ‘obstacles of the extraordinary’ on page 14). Of course, you will have the answers when you grab your free copy of my book (and read it): The 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media Mastery

Feedback Thread:

This blog post will be re-written and expanded upon when the book is released to the public. I have actually written this post very fast (rushed) because copies of my book have leaked out already.
Hopefully it’s a sign of what’s to come for the book: Going Viral
I welcome your comments below.
  • What is your favourite quote from the book?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the concept?
  • Have you noticed others using the 4 Hidden Rules?
  • Will you be applying the Hidden Rules for yourself, now that you know them?

Why is the Book Free?

The book is 100% free and there is nothing for sale in the book. I could give you the classic line: “I want to give something back as a ‘thank you’ for my own successes“. However, that would draw out some criticism, so I won’t use that line (although I just did).
Success From The 4 Hidden Rules of Social Media
Reality is that I love this topic. The 4 Hidden Rules have helped me monetize social media and assisted me in many other areas of life. You see, the 4 Hidden Rules are not just about ‘making money from social media’. Not at all! Sure, this is a blog about internet marketing. Social media monetization is a topic that is popular, but there is much more to it.

The 4 Hidden Rules Will Help You in ALL AREAS of LIFE

4 Hidden Secrets AttitudeMy true inspiration for this book is to make it go crazy viral online and get this book to people outside of my own personal reach. To help people discover the 4 Hidden RulesIt’s not just about Social Media Mastery. These rules will help people in all areas of life!

But I Need Your Help

You can help me by paying for the book…. but it’s free! How? My payment is your gratitude – if you like the book. If you like the book, and ONLY if you like it, then consider one or more of the below:
  • Forward the book to a friend
  • Comment below this blog post
  • Thank the author on social media (yours truly)
  • Share this blog post via email or social media
I thank you in advance for your generosity.
Remember, I will re-write this blog post when the book is released (not far away now), so be sure to come back for your copy.
There is no opt-in process. Simply download it here (download link coming soon).
Have an extraordinary day!
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