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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops (aka DevOps).


Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops (aka DevOps). Experienced in migration of websites including Managed Services for significant web properties. Specialization in building productive, happy, dedicated teams, Optimizing each team to help them work more efficiently, effectively and on budget. I have experience in running both engineering and software development teams. Performing Zero...
Ball, Robby - Information Technology
Ball, Robby - Information Technology
Ice Canyon
Ice Canyon

Skills & Endorsements

Top Skills
  • 99+Leadership
  • 99+Management
  • 35Hosting
  • 99+Data Center
  • 90Cloud Computing
  • 68Managed Hosting
  • 65Managed Services
  • 99+Social Media
  • 99+Social Networking
  • 99+Social Media Marketing
Robby also knows about...
  • 95Online Marketing
  • 44Digital Marketing
  • 40Web Marketing
  • 99+Mobile Marketing
  • 45Email Marketing
  • 99+New Media
  • 99+Digital Media
  • 99+Facebook
  • 33Twitter
  • 44Google+
  • 24Instagram
  • 42Pinterest
  • 42Flickr
  • 49YouTube
  • 63WordPress
  • 99+Blogging
  • 83Video
  • 40Photography
  • 14Music Industry
  • 63Content Strategy
  • 66Online Advertising
  • 37Information Architecture
  • 94E-commerce
  • 99+Google Analytics
  • 99+Digital Strategy
  • 40User Experience
  • 73Networking
  • 99+SEO
  • 99+Web Analytics
  • 82Website Development
  • 60CMS
  • 54Web Project Management
  • 59Web Design
  • 42Webmaster Services
  • 38Risk Management
  • 42Content Management
  • 28News
  • 63Marketing
  • 39Advertising
  • 15Restaurant Management


Director of Hosting and Managed Services

 –  (15 years 1 month)Atlanta Georgia
Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops (aka DevOps) Migrations Hosting and Managed Services for significant web properties including La Quinta, Extended Stay America, Ashton Woods Homes, Beazer Homes, John Wieland Homes, Mitsubishi Electric, Homestead Hotels, College Savings Plan of Maryland, Church’s Fried Chicken, Pull-a-part, Popeye’s, and Ron Clark Academy. High end Video Storage Platforms using Unity and ISIS for video Post Production Editors including Sesame Street, HBO Game of Thrones, HBO Banshee, Nickelodeon. Team of 25 engineers with 20 direct reports.

• Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops (aka DevOps)
• Using SDLC processes help define, design, build, test and deploy new web entities
• Using ITIL to design processes, transition engineering and improve support groups
• Built and Hosted HBO’s True Blood high volume Facebook integrated Application CDN
• Migrated La Quinta hotels website from IBM to our hosting faculty at Internap using CDN
• Migrated Extended Stay Hotels website to our hosting faculty at Internap using CDN
• Migrated College Savings Plan of Maryland to our hosting facility at Internap Sas70
• Hosted key E-Commerce hosting solutions for customers using token technology for PCI
• Migrated 25 Newland Homes websites from California to Amazon cloud
• Migrated and rebuilt Ashton Woods Homes to Google Compute cloud
• Reduced maintenance costs, improved system reliability by retiring redundant, legacy systems
• Establishing redundancy across data centers at Internap, Amazon Cloud and Google Compute
• Implemented cost effective solution to support cost effective hosting solutions
• Desktop support for offices in Atlanta, New York and London
• Effective communicator of upper management strategies to project teams
• Effective communicator of project teams concerns to upper management.
• Team builder, median retention of my team members is 8-12 years
• Problem solver, building networks for customers to serve there operational goals
  • Alex Tomic
    Alex Tomic
    Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
    I worked with Robby for over 14 years at Definition 6, where I reported to him throughout that tenure. His strong... View
  • Oliver Self
    Oliver Self
    Senior Technical Project Manager at BlackFin Square - Communications Solutions
    I have worked for many bosses in my career but Robby is arguably the best. He knows how to build and run world-class IT... View
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