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Sunday, September 20, 2015

#Atlantis is REAL, it emerged from the "Sea of ​​Atlas" ("Atlantic"),in front of the Pillars of Hercules

The Great Atlantis Flood of 9,600 BC
An Egyptian priest presents an accurate account of the torrential flooding which occurred 9,000 years before Solon’s journey to Egypt. The priest displayed an uncanny knowledge of history by citing the date for the catastrophic destruction of Atlantis at 9,600 BC. This date coincides with scientific evidence of catastrophic global flooding at the end of the Younger Dryas ice age, in exactly 9,600 BC. 

Scientific evidence of the great floods:  An aged Egyptian priest set the date for the destruction of the empire of Atlantis and the empire of the Hellenes at 11,600 years ago (9,600 BC.).  “Abrupt cooling about 15,000 years ago gives way to abrupt warming at the end of the Younger Dryas period some 11,600 years ago, with a climatic ripple effect impacting habitats around the world.”

The Egyptian priest described the founding of ancient Atlantis by Poseidon and Cleito and the founding of ancient Athens by Hephaestus and Athene, at some date before 9600 BC and before the ocean levels rose at the end of the ice age. Many generations of empire builders created their great kingdoms. These kingdoms grew and prospered, however as their cultures evolved, they formed vastly different culture and government. In 9,600 BC, the military-minded, male-dominated Empire of Atlantis sought to take over the freedom-loving, friendly Athenians. This great war between the two empires raged and then as the Athenians were marching against the mighty City of Atlantis, a dramatic end to the hostilities. Suddenly the magnificent City of Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and the Island of Atlantis sank into the sea, and the modest homes and fertile farmlands were washed into the sea by a flood which left only a remnant of Attica.

Greek gods divided the earth so that everyone has the dividend. The Poseidon took the island of Atlantis. The island was larger than Libya and Asia Minor together, but then sunk by an earthquake and there was nothing but impassable muddy water, which prevented travel to any part of the ocean .. The Egyptians described Atlantis as an island approximately 700 miles . in width, consisting mainly of mountains in the north and along the coast, with a large oblong plain south who "extends in a direction 3000 stages (600 km.) and 2,000 steps (400 km.) on the other"
Many great and wonderful deeds are recorded in our stories about your state. But one of them exceeds all the rest in greatness and valor. The stories speak of a Trani power wanton campaign against Europe and Asia, and to which your city has managed to put an end. This power emerged from the "Sea of ​​Atlas" ("Atlantic"), and then the sea that was navigable and had an island that was located in front of the straits which you call the Pillars of Hercules. The island at the same time was from Libya and most of Asia, and was the way to other islands, if these were passing could reach the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean - because the sea within the Hercules is just a port with a narrow neck and the other is true sea which the surrounding ground can actually be called infinite. Now in this island of Atlantis was a great and incredible empire ...\
The Athenians led an alliance against the empire of Atlantis, and as the alliance was impossible, the Athenians prevailed alone and liberating the occupied areas. "But later they became strong earthquakes and floods, and in a single dreadful day and night all the warriors sank into the earth, and also the island of Atlantis disappeared in the depths of the sea".

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