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Thursday, September 24, 2015

#Bears Coverage: "Who the heck is Dexter Manley?" "Tom Brady is garbage. Garbage!" (knock Walter Payton out..)

  1. Seems rational RT Dexter Manley to the Junkies: "Tom Brady is garbage. Garbage!"
  2. Dexter Manley graduated an actual college without ever learning how to read.
  3. For those wondering I will be cutting up pieces of this Dexter Manley interview for
  4. Dexter Manley has no filter
  5. If the Dexter Manley interview doesn't work out, I'll be happy to call in to discuss my 1993 Super Tecmo Bowl championship season.
  6. NFL Net is airing a Dexter Manley doc tomorrow. Here's a primer on how wild his life was.
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