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Sunday, September 20, 2015

#Dolphins come out flat EVERY SINGLE GAME, Dolphins fans be like ...Hard to take the #Dolphins seriously

  1. A real long list of problems with these Miami Dolphins. Too long to fit in 1 Twitter post
  2. Hard to take the seriously when they lose to Jax
  3. Dolphins get no sacks against a team that had yielded at least 4 sacks in 8 straight games. Miami averages 2.6 per rush; Miller 10-14.
  4. If you can make jokes and aren't a real Dolphins fan. Sorry.
  5. Same old Dolphins!!!! Philbin has to go immediately.... Like tomorrow
  6. Wow. What a thoroughly unnecessary loss.
  7. No way in hell that Dolphins team should be losing to Jacksonville
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