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Sunday, September 27, 2015

#Fight Papelbon booed loudly as he chokes Harper, brawling in Nats dugout #Natitude #LOL

  1. First Jonathan Papelbon threw at Manny Machado's head. Now he's fighting with Bryce Harper in the Nats dugout. Stop trying to fight stars.
  2. Burn in hell Papelbon.
  3. If you are on NFL tilt, take a moment to watch Papelbon choke Bryce Harper. You'll probably feel a little bit better.
  4. advice: Don't be the person who blames even a sliver of that altercation on Harper. That's 100% on Papelbon
  5. The best part of the Nationals trading for Jonathan Papelbon is that he's still under contract for next year. Good luck with that, guys.
  6. A good troll move would be for Rizzo to announce extensions for Papelbon and Matt Williams immediately after the game.
  7. Wait, Matt Williams let Jonathan Papelbon pitch *after* he went at the MVP? Fire him today.
  8. Did any team make a deadline deal that turned more self-destructive than deal for Papelbon? They were 3 up after his first save there!
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