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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fox News - Trump➡️26 Carson➡️18 Fiorina➡️9% Rubio➡️9% Cruz➡️8% Bush➡️7%

  1. Well said from Obama's deputy national security advisor, who I interviewed for , re Carson/Trump comments.

  2. It's 5 horse race for GOP Prez from this point on- Trump, Carson, Rubio, Carly, Cruz. Everyone else should drop out.
  3. Oklahoma GOP Poll #'s Donald Trump30.8% Ben Carson22.5% Carly Fiorina8.3% Ted Cruz6.5% Jeb Bush6.2% Mike Huckabee5%
  4. Trump has attacked Mexicans, Carson goes after Muslims. Poor Jeb had to dredge up the throwback Reagan racism to stay relevant.
  5. GOP Presidential Fox News Poll Trump26% Carson18% Fiorina9% Rubio9% Cruz8% Bush7% Christie5% Kasich4% Huckabee3%
  6. CNN/WMUR New Hampshire GOP Trump 26 Fiorina 16 Rubio 9 Carson 8 A Cloyd Rivers Screenshot Tweet 8 Bush 7 Kasich 7 Christie 5 Cruz 5 Paul 3
  7. Exactly why people are behind Cruz, Trump, Carson...

 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media