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Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's a final! Falcons pull out another B1G win, Bowling Green 35 Purdue 28 (Brutal loss)

  1. FALCONS WIN!!! It's final in West Lafayette, Bowling Green 35 Purdue 28.
  2. Brutal loss for Purdue, which is staring at a possible 1-7 start. Darrell Hazell is 5-23. Three wins came vs. FCS teams; one vs. the MAC.
  3. Bowling Green now has twice as many Big Ten wins this season as Purdue has since 2013.
  4. Bowling Green w/another B1G win, this time at Purdue. Also won at Maryland this year
  5. Purdue losing at home to BGSU by a TD is actually closer than I thought it would be
  6. Bowling Green leads Purdue 35-28, 9 seconds left in the game!
  7. Purdue football: inventing ways to lose since 1887.
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