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Monday, September 21, 2015

Jeff Samardzija throws 1-hitter in 2-0 White Sox victory over Tigers, needed 88 pitches for a complete-game

  1. A Maddux for Jeff Samardzija, who needed 88 pitches for a complete-game, one-hit shutout. win 2-0.
  2. Jeff Samardzija just clinched the Cy Young.
  3. [TUNE IN] Jeff Samardzija goes for the CG shutout on CSN now as lead 2-0 over Tigers.
  4. Jeff Samardzija has thrown 80 pitches and has allowed one hit through 8 scoreless innings. 0 walks, 6 Ks. Sox lead Tigers 2-0, top of 9.
  5. Jeff Samardzija at just 80 pitches through 8 innings. He'll start Game 2 of doubleheader as well.
  6. Dominant outing for Jeff Samardzija this afternoon, and an efficient one at that. Only 80 pitches through 8 innings. Has given up just 1 hit
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