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Saturday, September 26, 2015

#PrayForFetty Fetty Wap was hit by a car while riding his bike, serious condition and is responsive

  1. how come the worst things happens to the best people?
  2. Update: Fetty Wap is responsive. However, his condition is still critical and will remain under supervision for some time.
  3. stop making jokes about this, it's not funny and it makes you look disrespectful and ignorant, just stop
  4. Everybody please pray for who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in NJ
  5. people are disgusting. i can't believe y'all are over here cracking jokes
  6. one of the most genuine rappers out right now. i hope he recovers well, sending prayers to him + friends and family.
  7. why couldn't this of happened to like carter reynolds or something
  8. ur messed up if ur making jokes about someone being in a car accident..this is a person were talking about .. show respect
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