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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remember @Kred ? They have bought Empire Avenue and renamed it My new URL

  1. Yea I got my new URL thrilled to get the nice web address

@EmpireKred #EmpireKred

The social stockmarket game Empire Avenue has a new name Empire Kred, a new look and has been integrated with Kred.
Kred bought Empire Avenue a while ago but nothing much had changed till this week. The changes to the site in the past week have been met with a lot of protest but hopefully members feedback will be listened to and things will be returned to a more functional state sooner than later. Good things have happened with photos now being addable to missions and improved mobile functionality. The mission area is however very different and we will all have to learn how to use it. Empire Avenue is a very fragile and difficult to comprehend place so any changes have to be made with extreme care.

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