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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reporters now have to think, Scenes from #EIJ15. Come get your Ron Burgundy/Anchorman on

  1. Question for WDBJ's news director: Was it OK for employees to date each other? A: Sure. We need more love in the newsroom.
  2. The reality is we are doing this with fewer and fewer people. And, it's getting more dangerous
  3. Reporters now have to think like police officers, situational awareness and escape routes in every situation.
  4. WDBJ News director says her crews now told to discuss escape routes & exit strategies before live shots. Surreal
  5. Wow. has three bureaus with MMJs, and they have done only one live shot in 24 days, at a fire station, because they felt safe.
  6. Been on verge of tears entire session, hear sniffles from those around me. It’s nice, at least, to see journalists pull together
  7. Zuber says Someone pulled up in a pick-up truck at Vicki Gardner fundraiser and made a gun sign with their hand. Who does that?!
  8. "We continue to get threats to our newsroom, and that has thwarted our ability to get out there and do our job." Zuber
  9. “We have to put Adam & Alison here, & journalism here and work in the journalism box. We can occasionally go to Alison & Adam box.”
  10. Glad to have stumbled upon tweets from . Fascinating convo on how Twitter and journalism change after Virginia shooting.
  11. Hey, friends: Check your email for your ballot. Vote. It takes two seconds.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media