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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Russia bombs #FSA, #RUMORS say that, Iyad al-Deek, the leader of #FSA in #Hom #Syria killed

  1. Reminder: a lot of turned out to be sleeper cells in
  2. Russian terrorist forces attacked HQ of Battalion 24 of FSA today killing few including leader Rateb Hmeid
  3. .. Putin is killing our FSA allies in northern Syria, and Obama does nothing!!!
  4. So "Syria" may not be a state, but FSA, Assadian Syria and so on might be, eh?
  5. it's clear that is there to defend Asad. So & etc all armed groups are same
  6. Putin the bastard, joins Assad in bombing FSA in .
  7. foreign policy failures continue. Russia bombs , not 36 civilians killed. is a joke and a coward.
  8. : Claims that, Iyad al-Deek, the leader of in killed by the strikes of Russian jets today
  9. Putin has finally inserted himself into pages of history. Bombing quasi-Islamist FSA is a masterstroke.
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