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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#Tsunami travel time and propagation forecast maps for magnitude-8.3 earthquake off Chile

  1. People are actually being evacuated to safe zones due to tsunami threat, but hey—jokes.
  2. It's a good time to learn about what a tsunami is and which zone you are located in. Here's a resource:
  3. Tsunami Watch issued September 16 at 1:24PM HST until further notice by NWS
  4. Retweeted Earthquakes Tsunamis (): Tsunami Watch (Hawaii): A TSUNAMI WATCH CONTINUES IN EFFECT FOR...
  5. The one girl saying chill the tsunami warnings aren't serious is me. That's what I've been tweeting
  6. Latest from : If tsunami waves impact Hawaii the estimated earliest arrival of first tsunami wave is 3:06 am HST Thur.