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Saturday, October 17, 2015

#Clinton says Obama's #Libya intervention was "smart power at its best" #Time ???? REALLY ????

  1. Thanks to Hillary & Obama Tripoli, Libya is a beacon of democracy, constitutionalism and order.
  2. Hillary's disaster in Libya is so complete it's destroying Europe. She's a dangerous lunatic to even try defending it.
  3. Hillary is extolling freeing Libya? Is she kidding? She's living in 's land of lies.The jihadis took over. The PM fled
  4. Girl, Libya was YOUR portfolio. on Benghazi: "President Obama made the right decision at the time"
  5. The US response to the "Arab spring" was an epic failure. Epic. Libya=disaster. Egypt=disaster. Yemen=disaster. Shameless on Hillary's part
  6. Ugh Hillary pls stop defending the Libya debacle
  7. Are we really going to get through Libya without one mention of Benghazi?
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