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Sunday, November 29, 2015

@Anonymous calls #Trump "source of truth and light in the political darkness of falsehood and deception"

#1 Anonymous Issued This To Donald

Dear Donald Trump,

Greetings from the 50 States and other Territories. We acknowledge your unrivaled courage and honor your many initiatives to reveal the facts. Thank you! We extend our sincere gratitude to you and your family for being a source of truth and light in the political darkness of falsehood and deception. First and foremost we are addressing you as the only open and honest presidential candidate throughout the current campaign season. This nation has not seen any presidential aspirant so transparent and forthcoming as you have been. Please know that were it not for your quite politically incorrect posture, this letter would not have been written.

#2 Americans Impressed

Many Americans have been particularly impressed by your willingness in the past to challenge Barack Obama on his ‘missing’ birth certificate. Only through your persistent efforts did the ‘president’ finally post a forged and fraudulent copy of his fake birth certificate on the official website. In so doing he and his co-conspirators have committed a number of serious felonies. As you well know, this criminal matter was professionally investigated by Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He and his officially appointed Cold Case Posse determined that the copy of Obama’s posted birth certificate was a categorical forgery and fabricated document. This final and irrefutable conclusion was made by a number of highly experienced electronic document experts whose forensic investigation of this matter has not been contested by a single professional in the field.

#3 White House Imposter

Now, here we are almost one year away from President Obama completing his second term. You know that we have a proven imposter in the White House. As you have repeatedly pointed out, not only has he profoundly betrayed the American people, his actions in Syria smack of outright treason. That’s right, most of us firmly believe that funding and arming ISIS is both unlawful and treasonous. Especially when the ISIL terrorist network routinely executes Christians and wipes out Christian communities across the Middle East are Obama’s criminal actions all the more reprehensible and traitorous, deplorable and outrageous. This brings us to the purpose of this open letter. President Obama has demonstrated that he is simply incapable of leadership. It has become painfully obvious to most that true presidential authority has not been invested in him; therefore, he is unable to execute the responsibilities of his high office. His real masters will not permit him to do so. Consequently he is being methodically used to execute an agenda that is intent on destroying the United States of America. This clandestine plot must be exposed before he leaves office. Not after; rather, BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE. This is imperative for a variety of reasons.

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