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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Clinton Cackling In Our Faces #Trump Ad Exposes Callous Disregard Of Criminal Candidate

  1. Clinton has the same ideas on Muslims as Obama. Give her 4 years or 8 and it may be to late. One person will stop it TRUMP
  2. I've got your back and so does the rest of North Carolina Trump!
  3. Trump will bring back jobs for us & wants to keep Christ in Christmas.This is great news!
  4. RNC says they have no knowledge of those against Trump. RNC said EVERY candidate had to sign pledge. Kasich and Jindal both broke it.
  5. Donald Trump Says His Mocking of New York Times Reporter Was Misread
  6. Thats OK TRUMP will take care of the VETS!!!
  7. The heart of Trump's support. Our children compete with 3rd world peasants. We lose! Let's GO and hurry!