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Saturday, November 14, 2015

#GeraldoRivera says Trump is exactly right! We know nothing about all these refugees! #PrayforParis

  1. It's going to be America if our borders are not sealed.We also know nothing about all these refugees!Trump is exactly right!
  2. Old Calais fire pictures and old Donald Trump tweets about guns are hardly where anger needs to be directed right now. Christ.
  3. how can you support donald trump after he clearly showed tonight that he cares about no one but himself and his ugly racist campaign
  4. last thing Paris needs is Donald Trump's opinion on anything
  5. Trump's popularity is the measure of our education system come home to roost.
  6. isis please leave the USA alone and we will give you Donald trump.
  7. also if u plan on voting trump unfollow me right away
  8. donald trump is using this tragedy in paris as fuel for his political agenda, i hope this opens people's eyes to just how vile this man is
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