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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Great 1st segment #GOPDebate. #Christie #Jindal won @ChrisChristie is really growing on me... good debater ! #GOP

  1. Hello Tony, how are you? Enjoy the
  2. is really growing on me...he is such a good debater !
  3. My favorite part of the thus far was the moment where Huckabee almost went Patrick Bateman on Santorum.
  4. Fox Business online ISN'T showing commercials during all of the commercial break. Is that good business?
  5. Gerry Seib resembles Superman villain. Kneel before Zod! .
  6. said Louisiana is in the top 10 states for job growth. Easy fact checking proved that was a lie.
  7. OK. Tried to watch on Tweet deck and they flew by faster than the starship Enterprise. On Twitter I'm getting crickets.
  8. Congrats to Channel for conducting a meaningful debate with CLASS!
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