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Friday, November 13, 2015

Map #Terrorist attacks #Paris France has declared a state of emergency and closed its border #Prayers

  1. we're all good thanks to all who've reached out. it's so tragic. love you paris. prayers to all affected in anyway
  2. There has to be a BBC executive somewhere who thinks Pudsey should have an early night! For goodness sake.
  3. my heart goes out to those in Paris.
  4. Shocked & saddened by attacks in Paris. Such evilness is incomprehensible to me.
    1. Stay strong, Paris! We all are praying for you.
    2. Praying for Paris
    3. Prayers sent to Paris and Japan 🙁
    4. Paris attacks are terrible, inexcusable acts of violence. Hope all of you & your loved ones are safe. Those involved are in our thoughts.
    5. My thoughts are with you Paris. Xxx
    6. Holy Sh*t. Just seen what's going on in way! Apologies for previous tweet! Didn't know!
    7. Reminder: please do not tweet using the Porte Ouverte hashtag unless you are actually in or near Paris offering shelter.
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