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Monday, November 16, 2015

#Trump "December 22, 1944 To the German Commander, N U T S ! The American Commander"

  1. Gen. Patton, on crossing the Rhine, is advised that he can't 'kill his way out of this'. He court marshals the adviser.

  2. Trump got a point. I hear shots, I'm hitting that floor and gripping up....

  3. Mitt dodged the draft. There was no draft when Obama was eligible. Other dodgers were Cheney and Trump.
  4. Like making poor whites feel like that the things holding them back from being the next Trump are taxes & affirmative action.
  5. Hillarys America is kind caring passionate loving giving sharing. BUT NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND VETS! Trump 2016!
  6. Don't know about you but I've had some strong urges to unfriend people on fb in response to their posts about trump, mizzou, and refugees
  7. I hate this I went to trump just so I could get informed for myself

  8. Trump is dumb. He thinks everything is a joke. Hes the joke. If he becomes president the US is screwed.
  9. Starbucks & Trump: Top 9 'War on Christmas' hairy coffee captions: Vote!.. Related Articles:
  10. you're a waste of time man!!! Am done!! Go play with Donald Trump and Ben Carson!!!!
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