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Thursday, November 12, 2015

WOW #BRAVES TRADE SIMMONS to #Angels for Newcomb, Ellis, Aybar, Now have about $57m available

  1. You don't suppose Hart/Coppolella secretly being paid off by Wren to submarine , do you?
  2. acquire INF Andrelton Simmons and C Jose Briceno from for INF Erick Aybar, LHP Sean Newcomb and RHP Chris Ellis.
  3. ’ rationale: Simmons no HRs, SBs, low OBP. Newcomb close, maybe 1 or 2. Simmons getting pricier, SS prospect Albies getting closer.
  4. Newcomb, aybar and Ellis plus $2.5M go to braves. Money is a wash. on this
  5. had become weary of Simmons offense, believing had regressed, scared not improve as he got expensive
  6. FYI. Source tells me ARE NOT involved in trade talks with for Simmons.
  7. IMO, return on Simmons, given contract and peerless defense, has to far surpass return on any of past year's trades to be good for
  8. Braves seek to have one of mets big 4 starters included in a simmons deal. They have asked about matz in past.
  9. In case you needed a good laugh this morning, the Braves asked the Mets for Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom for Andrelton Simmons.
  10. inquired on Simmons this morn and told ask price is Harvey or deGrom, so no way. Also shows how initially valuing Simmons
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