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Saturday, November 14, 2015

#WOW Refugees of over 1,000 from Syria come into New Orleans today #Muslim World Arrives

  1. i just heard on that has already brought thousands of young muslim men from syria & they're n new orleans II H8 HIM
  2. men refugees from Syria arriving New Orleans -most have no papers - US should fight in Syria while these creeps run?
  3. Carson wants boots on ground - all these men run from Syria- Refugees From The Muslim World Arrive In New Orleans
  4. Ok ppl!! 10000 Syrians arrived in New Orleans last night!!! We need to wake up!!! Those terrorists last night were from Syria!
  5. 10,000 more Syria Muslims just arrived in New Orleans the same ones that just attacked Paris!
  6. Syrian refugees have already begun to arrive in New Orleans. God help us all
  7. . Nov 5 Syria and Afghanistan Refugees have arrived in the New Orleans area
  8. New Orleans is going to be just like Paris since we let in all these Syria "refugees"
  9. Syria, North Korea & now are off the vacation list
  10. First load of over 1,000 refugees from Syria come into New Orleans today..Ohhhh, goody! That's just welcome our demise...