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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Donald Trump on Obama Oval Office Speech: 'Is That All There Is?' #Obama #Clinton weak

  1. Obama and Hillary weakness and Mid East failures handing trump the election.
  2. Aspiring model? For what Nat Geo magazine!
  3. I think I like Donald Trump now. He's the only person willing to do what it takes to win.
  4. No. The Beatles, Marvin Gaye or the Band will do. Why should I like Trump by the way?
  5. Stuff my buttcrack with ur robot fingers mr trump by Nash Grier
  6. We need your strength to make America Great Again..Obama is in denial..go trump..
  7. Relax, folks: Trump won't win, and America will remain great - The Seattle Times - Airiters
  8. Relax, folks: Trump won't win, and America will remain great - The Seattle Times -
  9. "Donald Trump and Chris Christie Square Off Over Racial Profiling" by PATRICK HEALY via NYT
  10. and to be clear, those guys not even close to the Trump
  11. pretty sure nobody eats dinner at 9am but alright Trump
  12. Rush said GOPe would rather have Hillary than Cruz. No doubt same with Trump.
  13. This Is What Donald Trump Thought Of President Obama's Speech: Is that all there is? We need a new President -...
  14. "No deje nunca que los títulos sean la única referencia que tenga la gente de su talento" Donald Trump
  15. No stone. I was just picking after the dam POTUS with that I am a life long Republican and for TRUMP
  16. Si de todos modos hay que pensar, más vale pensar en grande. Donald Trump
  17. TRUMP won't only win the General, he will smoke Hillary. It won't be close. By atleast 150 Electoral Votes.
  18. , says Obama needs to stop "PussyFootin" Around. You have to LOVE Judge Jeanie. PLEASE VOTE
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