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Sunday, December 6, 2015

#Obama ends terror speech saying 'freedom is more powerful than fear.'

  1. President Obama just gave us the best speech to restore humanity in this world
  2. What does Obama know about American values?
  3. For Speech, Obama Selects a Setting He Usually Shuns: The Oval Office
  4. opinions on Obama's speech
  5. Thought some new info was gonna be brought out during that Obama speech... Just stated the same things we've already known :(
  6. what a empty suit Obama is. It is Islam that is the cause of this violence.
  7. Obama just rocked the shit outta that speech.
  8. Obama gives a great smart speech but ruins it when he said God bless America, which God????? Tie up loose ends
  9. Cripes ! Was looking through 'Fantasy/Make Believe' on , and was 'Now Trending'.
  10. I'm not a fan of Obama but he made a good speech
  11. Great speech by
  12. "I'm President Obama. Tonight I will say nothing new or important, but let me be clear, I'll fuck up your DVR over it."
  13. President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office begins. via ANI_news
  14. Nice speech, I'll miss obama
  15. Good . Explaining the problems we face w/terrorism, but acknowledging how we cannot succumb to fear& promote discrimination
  16. I dare say I should be listening to the big Obama speech but I'm listening to the Temperance Seven instead. Stylish, I know.
  17. Obama ends terror speech saying 'freedom is more powerful than fear.' Watch full coverage: via cnnbrk

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