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Friday, December 4, 2015

ISIS 'claims responsibility' for #SanBernadino THREATENS TO ATTACK #Maryland #Virginia #Michigan #Illinois #California

  1. BREAKING NEWS: ISIS 'claims responsibility' for San Bernardino shootings killing 14 people
  2. Breaking: ISIS Now Claims Responsibility For California Terrorist Attack, Obama Still Refuses To...
  3. claims the responsibility for the against an institution for people with special needs
  4. So ISIS finally claims responsibility for California shooting!!! Twas Terror attack. Sad sad sad.
  5. Aljazeera says ISIS claims responsibility of California attack while CNN calling it an act of terrorism - Media dynamics
  6. : claims responsibility for attack in
  7. claims responsibility of shooting..
  8. Obama claims he won't get drawn into motive of California shootings whilst admitting ISIS may require Special Forces action
  9. apparently the shooters in california were muslim, get ready for the racist terrorist/isis claims
  10. The media(using the FBI)is working hard to classify the California terrorist attack as workplace violence ..until ISIS claims responsibility
  11. ISIS claims 3 lions in streets of California. Libs demand further gun control. Oh boy.
  12. claims terror California
  13. If Isis claims this attack in California and Obama does not formally declare war and go after…
  14. Anonymous: ISIS THREATENED TO ATTACK FIVE STATES, CLAIMS SLEEPER CELLS READY TO TARGET. -Maryland -Virginia -Michigan -Illinois -California
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