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Thursday, December 3, 2015

There is no consensus of scientists in support of the man made global warming theory. #climatechange

Welcome. There has now been over 18 years with no measurable atmospheric global warming and a slight cooling in the past 12 years. link I will try to give you the answer to the question "is there global cooling?" As you are well aware there is a huge effort around the globe to counter the alleged impact of mankind on the world's climate.  If in fact mankind will cause the seas to rise appreciably by causing CO2 induced global warming then certainly let's do something about it. But, what if global warming is not what they say it is? What if the world's temperature is headed in the opposite direction? Global temperatures increased for twenty years from the late 1970s to the late 1990s but have either stopped warming or have begun to cool in the last seventeen years.  The global warming and subsequent cooling were even predictable due to hundreds of years of historical trends and observation of the impact of variations in solar activity and ocean cycles on global temperatures.
Did you know that in the past the Roman Period and Medieval Period were both several degrees warmer than today's temperature. The world then cooled at least four degrees from approx. 1450 to 1850. This period was called the Little Ice Age (a period of glacial advance, the same glaciers that have been in retreat until recently). Global temperatures the past 10,000 years were mostly warmer than today, the trend has been for cooling temperatures and not warming ones.These temperature variations were not caused by man. They were caused entirely by natural forces.
November news
Study shows Antarctic ice has fastest ice accumulation in 300 years link
NASA says the Antarctic ice volume has been expanding since 1993 and is reducing the rate of sea level rise link
October News
Arctic had more multi year ice in 2014 and winter temperatures cooled -.5 deg C to -1.5 deg C link
Antarctic zone hole is not going away, is it from natural causes link
Study shows sunscreen is highly toxic to corals link
Study shows 150ppm increase in CO2 causes plant growth to increase 35% but with less water consumption link
Media gone wild.....USGS confirms that majority of stream gages in South Carolina did not even reach the ten year flood stage link
South Carolina rain is not a 1,000 year event (Roy Spencer) link
Top scientist resigns says global warming a scam link
The myth of settled science (Charles Krauthammer) link
Said to be the largest scandal in US science history, calls for RICO investigation of skeptical scientists leads to finding abuse of Federal Funds by non profits link
Heavy snows prevent all climbs of Mount Everest in 2015, first time in modern history. But wasnt the Himalayan snows supposed to be getting smaller? link
Europe is headed for a harsh winter 2015-2016 link
September News
Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia coolest summer in years link
So who are the real deniers? link
Obama is wrong, Alaska temperatures are cooling link
There has been no global warming for 18 years, 8 months link
French foreign ministger, Earth has only 500 days to avoid a climate catastrophe link
The Syrian crisis was not caused by climate change link
UN IPCC is not a scientific organization, it is political. link
There are 750% more trees on Earth than previously believed. link
August 2015 global temperatures are 0.28 deg C above the mean since 1979 link
If the USA was powered by solar entirely, how many panels and batteries would be needed?link
Britain, coldest summer in 20 years link
August and earlier news
*The reason why solar power can never power Germany link
*German scientists conclude that the 0.7 deg warming in the past century is caused by normal cycles, that there is no unusual warming attributed to rising CO2, and that normal solar and ocean cycles will cause temperatures to cool to 2080. We will see cold temperatures last seen in 1870s. link
*What is true and what is false in Obama's latest global warming plans link
*Early July frost in central Europe, Scotland and England link
*Scientists predict low solar activity will lead to a mini ice age link
*Scientists predict low solar activity to 2014 will cause global cooling. link
*Bill Gates says wind and solar power is not the solution, we can not afford them and they can not replace fossil fuels link
*Study shows 20 times more people die from cold temperatures than warm ones link
*UK evening temperatures coolest since records began link

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There has been no measurable atmospheric global warming for over 18 years.
 RSS satellite data of atmospheric temperatures shows no increase in over 18 years linklink.Temperatures in the past 12 years which include atmospheric and surface stations have actually cooled somewhat.
Total global polar sea ice is largely unchanged over the past 35 years. Antarctic sea ice set all time record for size in September 2014!!
NASA announces that Antarctica has been adding between 85,000,000,000 and 135,000,000,000 tons of new ice every year since 1993. Since 90% of Earth's glaciers are in Antarctica, this means that global glaciers are growing, not melting. link
*When adding the sea ice volumes at both poles there is about the same ice as 35 years ago when measurement by satellite began link. The global sea ice in January 2014 was 17,932,000 km², which is the highest ever recorded during January in the satellite era. Antarctica has 90% of the world's ice and had the most sea ice ever recorded in Septermber 2014. link According to a 2012 NASA report Antarctic ice mass is also increasing link. View today's Antarctic sea ice extent compared to the 1979-2007 average (National Snow and Ice Data Center) link link  A strong storm in the Arctic during the late Summer of 2012 caused the Arctic ice area to shrink to a record low yet the ice is now expanding at a fast rate. The Berring Sea off Alaska in 2012 had the most ice area ever recorded. link  . In September 2013 Antarctica broke another record and had the largest sea ice extent ever recorded link. View today's Arctic sea ice extent, NSIDC link  DMI link
The 2014 Arctic ice extent in September 2014 is nearly 2,000,000 sq kilometers larger than just two years prior. link Daily Arctic sea ice thickness link
View todays Antarctic sea ice extent  Univ. Illinois Cyrosphere link
See current ice conditions in the Northern Hemisphere link and the Southern Hemisphere linkWater temperature and currents and not air temperature is the largest driver of Arctic ice extent, learn why. Link
According to the Danish Meteorological Institute Greenland has been adding ice since Greenland ice mass is expanding link
  Ocean temperatures are not warming
*NSIDC/NASA AMSR-E also shows that the overall trend of ocean temperatures since 2002 is one of cooling in spite of a recent short lived El Nino warming event link
The oceans have been cooling which is contrary to climate model predictions link See how Argo is measuring ocean temperatures throughout the globe link  Argo research (with its 3,300 ocean buoys) has found ocean temperatures are cooler. link  link
The PDO (Pacific) is moving towards a cool period (La Nina). See current ocean surface temperatures from the NOAA link link 
Track mid Atlantic storm formation here, NOAA  link 
It is impossible for the 'missing heat' to be found deep in the oceans, temperatures of the lower oceans are very cold and it takes hundreds, if not thousands of years, for deep ocean water to mix with ocean water near the surface. Southern Hemispheric deep ocean water is as cold as 1 deg C so there isnt any missing heat at depth.
PDO link AMO link
 Sea level has been rising for the past 20,000        years, the rate is not increasing.
Sea level has been rising for over 20,000 years since the end of the last ice period of the ice ages. link The rate of rise is not increasing. link link link The rate of sea level rise is connected with solar activity. With the weakest solar activity in nearly two centuries some expect sea level to begin to drop, partly because of reduced solar expansion. link
 Global storms and their energy are in decline
The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was the second slowest in 30 years, and with no major hurricanes forming, the least since 1994 according to NOAA link
U.S. landfall hurricanes are less numerous and powerful than decades ago. Global hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone activity are nearing 50 year lows according to Weatherbell Analyticslink link
Deaths from severe weather events are in declinelink
*The trend for violent tornadoes is in decline in the U.S. which had the fewest tornadoes ever recorded in 2013. link 
Global cyclone activity is at 33 year lows at the end of the 2010 hurricane season. Pacific storms are the fewest since recording began in 1945. link
There have been few hurricanes to reach US shores in the past three years which is highly unusual link The U.S. went over 1,000 days in a row without a single hurricane strike.
Studies have shown that coastal storm damage as a percentage of U.S. GDP has been in decline and in spite of their being more and expensive coastal development.

Polar Bear populations are of record size.
Study shows Polar Bear populations have not been harmed by a reduction in Arctic ice. linklink Some say Polar Bears are threatened but there are more polar bears today than ever recorded, an increase of 300%+  since the 1950s. link  link  The scientific name for Polar bears is Ursus Maritimus, which means sea bear. Polar Bears are excellent swimmers and can swim 200 miles or more link. A Polar Bear with a radio tracking collar swam over 400 miles in 9 days and without rest link Polar bears have survived  periods when the Arctic melted completely in the past (they moved to land). Polar bear face bright future link See why the reduction in Arctic ice has actually had a beneficial impact on Polar Bears. link
Solar energy is in decline. This has led to cooler temperatures in the past
So what has changed? CO2 concentrations continue to increase yet temperatures have been falling since 2002? Polar ice is growing. Storm intensity is in decline.  One reason may be that solar activity is at the lowest level in almost a Century. link link link   In the past periods with fewer sunspots and lower solar activity were ones with cooler temperatures. It is believed by some scientists such as Danish Henrik Svensmark that lower solar activity increases cloud formation and this has a cooling effect.  If the past is a predictor of the future, these changes in solar activity will cause a 30 year period of cooling temperatures on earth and in fact it appears that this has already begun. See solar activity charts here link See the BBC report, Is our Sun falling silent. link
No one disagrees that the planet did warm in the 20th Century and that temperatures increased in the 1980s and 1990s. Is the increase related to solar activity. The prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany believes they may be a connection, since solar activity was in the 1980s and 1990s the strongest in over 8,000 years. link
It is clear there is a strong relationship between ocean surface temperatures and cycles Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) and atmopsheric temperatures. It appears solar activity drives ocean cycles which in turn influence global temperatures. See the combined impact of ocean and solar cycles on global temperatures link
NASA recently announced that due to the expected multi decade continuation of low solar activity that global temperatures should continue to cool. How much will rising CO2 levels offset this? If the past is a predictor of the future, not much.

There is no consensus of scientists in support of the man made global warming theory.
Consensus is a political term, not a scientific one. Science is not supposed to have consensus. With consensus discovery stops. Many of the great sceintific discoveries went against the medical consensus of the time. link This list of over 1,000 internationally recognized scientists who have come out against the man made global warming theory speak in terms of their own areas of scientific knowledge, and is proof there is no consensus on this issue. Link Here is a list of 1,350 peer reviewed scientific papers that disagree with the man made global warming alarmism. link The AGW consensus has been thoroughly debunked link
Over 1,000 references to global cooling. link
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media