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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trump leads, Carson fades in new national poll #Trump #Carson #Cruz #Rubio #Clinton #Republican

  1. . There should be a poll of which candidate people absolutely WON'T vote for. Trump would lead in that one, too.
  2. Rubio rises, Carson tumbles in new poll; Trump still on top in GOP race -
  3. Trump soars, Carson sinks, Rubio rises in latest Quinnipiac national poll
  4. Trump's supporter do not care. His poll numbers have not changed. Trump lies and his supporters believe HIM!
  5. eph_415: Straw Poll For Presidential Race gives Cruz 24% Trump 22% Carson 18% Rubio 6% Fiorina 5%
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media