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Sunday, January 3, 2016

#Christie: #Obama wants to act 'as if he is a dictator. Christie Calls Obama 'Petulant Child' Over Gun Executive Action

  1. If Hillary wants to distance herself from Obama, his weakness against lawless Bundyism would be a worthy issue. Christie could use it too!
  2. Christie on guns: Obama is a 'petulant child'
  3. : 'ACTS LIKE A KING' Christie, Bush blast Obama gun controls by exec order
  4. ": wants to act 'as if he is a dictator" closes GWB cus he doesn't like someone.
  5. While Jeb & Christie turn against Rubio, he keeps his focus on the real problems: Obama & Hillary.
  6. Cruz/Obama/Biden/McCain miss Senate votes? Np! Christie spends 0 time in NJ despite being Governor? Np! Rubio misses votes? Outrage!!!!
  7. Trump Slams Christie for Obama Support, Bridge Closing
  8. Trump: Christie didn't physically hug Obama, but he mentally hugged him.
  9. mentions Chris Christie's embrace of Obama post-Sandy, said he called friend, asking, "is he voting for Obama?”
  10. Wow fact-checkers will love this piece of work. Super PAC backing Christie releases ad ripping Obama, Clinton - CBS
  11. Super PAC backing Christie releases ad ripping Obama, Clinton:
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