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Saturday, January 23, 2016

FOXNEWS 'thanks' Trump for attacking Megyn Kelly #KellyFile 60k people signed petition to ban @megynkelly

  1. I hope you`re ready for Megyn Kelly or have pressing business elsewhere Thursday.She & GOP will try to harm your Iowa vote
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  3. Looks like viewers want instead of to moderate next GOP debate ..
  4. most biased on cable. It's obvious by her guests and remarks she makes
  5. Fox News Thanks Trump For Hyping Debate With Megyn Kelly Comments
  6. News Corp., rupert murdock: Prevent Megyn Kelly From Hosting Any Further REPUBLICAN debates. - Sign t... via
  7. RT if you agree that is way too prejudiced to fairly moderate the upcoming debate! Let's ROLL people!
  8. Kate Quigley on : “She’s had so many opportunities to just tell the truth.”
  9. Kate Quigley: “Anyone who goes through a tragedy knows every single moment is seared into my brain.”
  10. “[Hillary] clearly came in [to Andrews Air Force Base] w/ a script & an agenda,” says Kate Quigley, sister of victim Glen Doherty.
  11. Kate Quigley on ’s remarks: “The insensitivity of that comment is shocking, but clearly misguided sympathy runs in the family.”
  12. Morten Storm on Clinton’s server: “It is so destructive what [] has done for the future of American intelligence.”
  13. The first Megyn Kelly debate was an attempt to kill Trump's Campaign in the crib. Now his candidacy is full grown. Different ballgame.
  14. I'm THRILLED Megyn Kelly is moderating the debate. Viewership will be NUTS expecting a fight, then Trump can display his STATESMANSHIP.
  15. Let's step back for a moment and consider the non-obvious. Did Megyn Kelly do Trump a favor by teeing up the NRO crowd to anger us?
  16. Megyn Kelly needs to remember when moderating that debate, Trump's voters DO NOT LIKE HER.