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Sunday, January 10, 2016

GOOD TASTE #Trump tried to romance Princess Diana by sending her flowers every day. Bob Beckel #cocaine drug of choice

  1. Fun fact from 's awesome piece on Mrs. Trump: The Donald once pursued Princess Diana:
  2. Paul Burrell slammed for taking Princess Diana's jewellery on Big Brother: It was something that I think trump...
  3. Donald Trump Stalked Princess Diana, Saw Her as 'Trophy Wife,' Friend Says via
  4. Trump also became so fixated on Princess Diana her divorce that she became alarmed by the unwanted attention. she felt he was a stalker.
  5. Previously: Lol. Donald Trump actually believed he had a chance with the late Princess Diana
  6. If Trump becomes president am leaving the planet! He described princess Diana as a 'trophy wife'!
  7. Donald Trump used to 'stalk' Princess Diana by sending her hundreds of £s worth of flowers every day. She thought it and he was
  8. Princess Diana given 'creeps' by US presidential hopeful Donald Trump 'stalking her'
  9. Stalker Trump calling Anthony Weiner a perv when after Princess Diana fatal crash he said biggest regret was never having chance to date her
  10. Melania can pull it off just as Princess Diana did. Sexy, smart, classy and a little sassy. :)
  11. After Princess Diana died, Donald Trump told Dateline: "I would have loved to have had a shot to date her."
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