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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Low gasoline prices to save motorists $17 billion in 2016, Drive, baby, drive! (thanks to #SaudiArabia):

  1. Low gasoline prices to save motorists $17 billion in 2016
  2. Weak Cdn$: Excellent for US$-priced exports, lower commodity prices (gasoline); Bad for imports of food, so...
  3. Drive, baby, drive! (thanks to ): US 2015 gasoline prices were lowest since 2009
  4. Commodities Corner: Here’s the outlook for gasoline prices as oil plunges
  5. .: US gasoline prices in 2015 lowest since 2009:
  6. Oil firms hike gasoline prices by P0.10/ltr but slash diesel prices by P0.15/ltr
  7. to decrease gasoline prices by 25 percent starting next month according to several accounts in & ..
  8. TOTAL will adjust pump prices effective 6am tom Jan 5 INCREASE +Php 0.10/li on Gasoline DECREASE -Php 0.15/li on Diesel |
  9. Petron to adjust its pump prices, effective Jan 5, 12:01 AM: Diesel: -P0.15/L Kerosene: -P0.25/L Gasoline: +P0.10/L via
  10. no change in the price of gasoline; Furnace and stove oil prices will decrease by 2.0 cpl Diesel prices will decrease by 2.0 cpl
  11. Drop in gasoline prices is equivalent of a $1,000 a year tax cut for households. The problem is you get it in dribs and drabs.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media