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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Low gasoline prices to save motorists $17 billion in 2016, Drive, baby, drive! (thanks to #SaudiArabia):

  1. Low gasoline prices to save motorists $17 billion in 2016
  2. Weak Cdn$: Excellent for US$-priced exports, lower commodity prices (gasoline); Bad for imports of food, so...
  3. Drive, baby, drive! (thanks to ): US 2015 gasoline prices were lowest since 2009
  4. Commodities Corner: Here’s the outlook for gasoline prices as oil plunges
  5. .: US gasoline prices in 2015 lowest since 2009:
  6. Oil firms hike gasoline prices by P0.10/ltr but slash diesel prices by P0.15/ltr
  7. to decrease gasoline prices by 25 percent starting next month according to several accounts in & ..
  8. TOTAL will adjust pump prices effective 6am tom Jan 5 INCREASE +Php 0.10/li on Gasoline DECREASE -Php 0.15/li on Diesel |
  9. Petron to adjust its pump prices, effective Jan 5, 12:01 AM: Diesel: -P0.15/L Kerosene: -P0.25/L Gasoline: +P0.10/L via
  10. no change in the price of gasoline; Furnace and stove oil prices will decrease by 2.0 cpl Diesel prices will decrease by 2.0 cpl
  11. Drop in gasoline prices is equivalent of a $1,000 a year tax cut for households. The problem is you get it in dribs and drabs.
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